Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATE: Razor Owns Up?

I see that Autograph Alert has posted a note about their conversation with Brian Gray. In a good show of support for the customers, Gray has offered to fix any problems that come up with Oval Office as soon as possible. Here is an excerpt:

He has assured that he will follow up on both the Nixon and Van Buren signatures, try to locate the persons who won the items on eBay and make it right by replacing the signatures with genuine examples. Mr. Gray has also stated that he bought the Martin Van Buren signature from a well known dealer at a Washington, DC autograph show. As Mr. Gray goes through his records he will alert us which dealer he purchased the signature and which authentication company he utilized.

In addition, to show good faith, Mr. Gray went one step further. He is willing to put up a $20,000 bond that will not be touched until the wrongs have been made right. We don't think that will be necessary but appreciate his good faith.

We have to say, if Mr. Gray follows up on his statements, we have to take our hats off to him. He will have set an example for the industry. We look forward to hearing from Mr. Gray in the near future, as we believe our readers will be interested in his findings.

Good for you Brian, glad to see you have a good head on your shoulders when it comes to bad press. See, own up, get your shit fixed, and things go much smoother.

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  1. And hen this was brought up weeks ago before packing he was telling people he would sue them. He listened alright, after he was nailed.