Friday, March 6, 2009


For those of you who missed the last post about the plant closing, there is some more supposed bad news from UD. Today I got another email from another UD employee that asked to remain anonymous:

For obvious reasons I ask to be anonymous.

More Upper Deck layoffs on Wednesday March 4, 2009.
Eight gone in production and also heavy hit in creative.
Total persons dispatched are unknown - was told it was another 16% of workforce.
Some long-term, dedicated, good people let go.
Still no management changes in these areas.
Extent of layoff in the rest of the company is unknown
All survivors, pay reduced 10%. 401K match ended.

Why UD may not be sole reason why McWilliam is in trouble, but rather Jetsource, his "Howard Hughes" endeavor:

Jet Source Slows Expansion Plans Amid Downturn

CARLSBAD, CA — Jet Source director of operations Jim Grindrod, Jr. says that charter traffic is off as much 35 percent in recent months, versus one year ago, which has led to cutbacks internally and an ongoing search for ways to cut costs. It has also led to slowing expansion plans, notably at the Henderson Airport outside Las Vegas. It had plans to add a base outside Las Vegas in 2009; however, Grindrod says that may be moved into 2010 as a result of the downturn. Company purchased over $30 million in planes last year. Pilot website says their wages have been frozen.

Guys, despite whatever hatred you may have towards UD, the layoffs of employees are real people with real problems. I wish them them and their families the best, and I definitely hope that things work out for UD.


  1. I don't feel sorry at all. They've been screwing collectors for years, the come-uppence has finally arrived.

  2. Unfortunately, hope is already gone for those employees that have already been laid off.

    One of the biggest problems facing our country's businesses is the fact that money always takes care of money. Instead of laying off 3 useless VP's, they lay off 30 low-mid level employees.

    In that respect, I hope things don't work out, because you know damn well that every one of those assholes got a bonus last year.

  3. Wow, the first comment has some venom in it. Thing is, as hawk states, it's all low-level employees that are getting laid off. Unfortunately, these people are also generally the least able to afford a period without a job. While executives can cut back and even depend on their investments for a while, regular joes have to find a way to put food on the table for their families.

  4. Did they at least wish the employees the best of luck in their future endeavors?

  5. I agree Gellman. As I said in the last post about Upper Deck lay-offs, for us this is a hobby. For those people who just lost their jobs it was much more - it was their livelihood. These employees weren't to blame for Upper Deck's problems, the executives were. Let's hope that these bastards get what they deserve.

  6. As much as I desmise their business "ethics", practices, and products I feel sorry for those laid off. No doubt they were "nobodies" like myself and many more on here..and just another number to the smug pr*cks high up on the UD food chain..and to the even more smug pr*ck in the white house...yeah I said it

  7. Being one of these people who were let go, I can tell you the info is correct. Not a single upper management position was eliminated. I have witnessed the mis-use of more than hundreds of thousands of dollars, and these jokers still hold their positions. The ones in charge and leading are all a joke. Either they are under qualified and or out of touch with the real world. The company has been the worst I have ever worked for. They do not care about their employees and customers at all. I can go on for days about what I have witnessed there.

  8. while i dont like to see the low level guys hit the fan ... i cant help but feel like seeing UD suffer as a CO. as a small victory for collectors ... i hate UD and i dont buy there products and wont until they start respecting the true little guys US COLLECTORS