Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Up Close and Personal Look At a Beckett Zombie Idiot

This is freaking wonderful, im excited to finally share this with you. Over on the nennth inning, Bailey and I have been holding court for a little fun, mainly talking with a complete douche named "Jay" who thinks that Beckett is the best fucking thing sinced the invention of player pictures on cardboard. I mean, this guy is a true treasure.

After going back and forth with Bailey for a while, I decided it was time to step in. I posted the usual diatribe about book value that I have said on here a number of times, just to see what he had to say about it. Here is my original explanation:

Ok, Jay, first off, book value is a sham for every reason that I outlined on the site. Its influenced by ad purchases, through favoritism, and there is no way around that. Beckett has no responsibility to the collector to give a price that is actually based on reality. Why would they? What would they gain? Now, 20 years ago, before the advent of the net, there wasnt a free marketplace to see exactly what current pricing trends are minute to minute, which in turn allowed beckett to have undisputed reign over the prices of cards. I mean, who was going to disagree right? Even if they did, it was next to impossible to communicate the shortcomings to the public. Then, when ebay came around and the preferred method of selling became the net, there was no reason for a guide anymore, especially with the type of market place ebay provided.

See, my father always said that something is only worth exactly what someone else would pay for it. If it sells for one thing one minute, and then half the price the next minute, its obvious that the price is solely based on need at that exact moment. No guide involved.

The same thing goes for the stock market. It is volatile because value is always volatile. People use volatility as an excuse to use the book, despite the fact that it is the very reason why you shouldnt. Why use the month old book, when its obvious through ebay that price changes each time an auction ends? Plus, the prices never really change THAT much, maybe around only 5-10 bucks either way for higher end cards. If that kind of money matters to you, maybe its time to find a different hobby, because the love just aint there anymore.

Now, when you bring condition into it, condition really isnt that much of a factor with the contrived scarcity that is out there. If there is only five of a card, it really doesnt matter if its bad condition or not, because of a lack of supply. If its not one of those cards, condition matters more, but again, its goes back to only being worth as much as someone is willing to pay.

Compound all of those things into a monthly guide with widely skewed pricing that is affected by nothing other than the whims of disconnected douches in TX, and you have a major issue with determining value of anything. Go further and offer a free place to buy cards at EXACT market value, then why go anywhere else.

Lastly, you talk about people using it to their advantage when possible, well… duh. Of course people will take advantage where they can - thats human nature. If you are smart enough to recognize that, its not an argument.

Jay, if you need further schooling, feel free to stop by the site and wait for the bell to ring.

Here is his response for shits and giggles:

First of all mr Gellman I dont need schooling on the value of cards[...] Im 38 years old I have been collecting before Ebay was around, and im sure I will be collecting far after it is gone. Im sure the way the economy is going you should be able to get just about any card you want for a cheap. Then a year later the poor guy who sold it will be kicking himself in the ass because he only got 20.00 for his 2003 Hanley Ramerez Bowman Best Auto. Please dont disrespect me however. THe fact you say I need schooling. Or I have a lot to learn is nonsense. If you saw my collection you shit your pants.

Yeah that is what we are dealing with. Go check out the rest of the exchange, because I guarantee its great for a laugh and a half. Oh, and he is "friends" with Chris Olds (obviously), so he has apparently gained the support he needs to start a blog. I cannot fucking wait. Ill keep you posted.


  1. LOL... I just finished reading all the comments over at the nenth inning post. That was great entertainment. I got a whole stack of cards I'll gladly sell to this guy for 50% of Beckett if he really believes that's what they are worth.

  2. I laughed once or twice while reading that whole exchange. While the language you used didn't really support a calm, rational exchange, the guy just straight up needs to take an economics class. Here's a few things I got from that though:
    - everybody on ebay is either greedy or has a broken heart (though I'm not sure how you can be considered greedy if you're selling things at prices LOWER than they're "actual worth book value")
    - Jay likes to whip out his dong (so he may or may not have a record for indecent exposure)
    - If you weigh more than the person you are arguing against, your arguments are automatically invalid

  3. Im a fan of this blog and others like it. I also agree that Beckett has become useless. But this post seems a lil pompous and school yard bullyish(not really a word). If people want to use Beckett, who cares. I think it can come in handy when looking for a rough estimate in pricing. For example, if you saw a card on EBAY that you felt you "needed", selling for $500. Would you buy it, if it booked for only $100 in one of the "price guides".........probably not.

    Of course its pricing estimates seem baseless and tainted by its relationship with advertisers. But anyone with any type of knowledge of the hobby or general economics can see that.

    Anyways, not defending Beckett. Just think the whole shit throwing contest with Beckett is getting old and is unnecessary as Beckett without radically changing will surely fade into oblivion in the future.

  4. Oh, its completely schoolyard, pompous, and whatever else.

  5. Bopper.

    Actually, that's not true. I have paid way over "book value" for some cards on ebay because they are impossible to find. Maybe not $500 for a $100 card, but I have paid $40 for $20 card. Why you ask. Because I wanted it and had not seen a copy on Ebay for months. I have been collecting cards for a couple decades now and know a rare card when I see one.

  6. It's not the fact he wants to use his Beckett, it's that he's arguing eBay prices are a sham. Like the millions of transactions do not dictate value, but a magical book tells us what the true value of something is. And the school yard bullyish part of it all was brought on by him when he stated if we saw his collection, we shit our pants. I have not shit my pants from a collection yet, mexican food, yes, collections no. Honestly I hope he starts a blog and displays his collection because I'm backed up a bit and I hate suppositories.

  7. So who wants to tell him that Beckett sells stuff on ebay for under book value? Somebody needs to. Watching that Paradoxical explosion should be amazing.

    Oh, and my mom says I look like Brad Pitt. Doesn't matter that women think I look like Sloth from the Goonies. My mom is like always right about stuff.

  8. I'll agree with Jeff from Joe Collector. I paid just a couple bucks under book value for a rare Clinton Portis RC parallel several months ago. It's pretty low numbered for the time and one of only two I've ever seen. It's a great card and I have not once regretted purchasing it for book value.

  9. Thank you for sharing this whole thing, it was a great start to my week. This idiot must not have a rational fiber in his body, how anyone can argue that a real and substantial marketplace (Ebay) is not a reflection of reality is beyond me. That's like arguing, while it's daytime, that the sun doesn't exist.

  10. I still use Beckett at times. However have paid way more then Beckett value on High End cards they seem to be really off on the High End market. There prices are way low.
    However you need to realize they are not going anywhere... I actully subscribe to the monthly. it is a good read on the crapper. My goodness though another Beckett post ;)