Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Addition To The Autolic HOF

I was going through a thread discussing bad autos, and Geronimo Gil came up as one of the worst. In terms of bad, this is beyond awful, even though there is twice as much ink as Mendenhall's, Johnson's, or Timmons'. Add in the fact that his auto looks like a big penis, and you have a new inductee into the Autolic Test Fail HOF.

This is the best auto of his I could find. There are ones that are MUCH worse.

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  1. I love my UH Coogs, but the 2 players who hit the NFL last year are 2 of the violators of initials as signatures.

    With Donnie Avery, the D is clear, but you can hardly recognize the A.


    Anthony Alridge uses initials, but I give him partial credit for how stylized they are. The A's look more like stars than letters.