Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Because The Card Is Worth $500, Doesnt Mean Someone Wont Destroy It

A few readers sent in this auction link of a seller who wanted to prove that a recently sold Peterson chest logo SPA Patch Auto was fake. See, of all the patches to fake, I would expect that this one would be the least likely to top the list due to the shear scope of the cost of the card. Then again, we have seen Exquisite Peterson fakes, and other fakes of this SPA card, so the lesson is this:


The too good to be true rules still apply, and basically it comes down to not taking a chance. Yes, it is a cool card, but why risk the fake patch? Why not buy a 3-color for a similar price and be sure it is real. SPAs are frequently faked, though UD has been good about removing the auctions they know to be fake. Some of them will continue to get through as I have mentioned here before, but its still something that needs to be planted in the minds of collectors. Nothing is safe anymore, and if someone can make a buck or two by switching out the patch, THEY WILL. They are fucking scum, and should be castrated to prevent more of them from entering the gene pool.

Listen people, dont be idiots out there, and though there are quite a few people who will continue to be idiots, it does not give you free reign on both ends of this scam.

ADDENDUM: Just because a card is slabbed does not mean it is real, just another way the scammers get you. See, even though Beckett may authenticate the card, there is nothing they will authenticate about a patch. Now, aside from the arbitrary and exceedingly stupid practice of authenticating cards (especially post 1995), the scammers use this available resource as a way to lure you into a dumb purchase. Even if Beckett were to say something is real, a la SPA NFL Logo patches from Tomlinson's RC year, why would it be in your best interest to believe them? Why are they the preeminent authenticators of patches, especially with all the fakes out there? Yes, yes, I know some are ridiculously obvious, but when it comes to others, they arent necessarily a green smurf in smurfville. I dont put any trust in Beckett either way, but some of you might when it comes to seeing the authentic slabs. In fact, if a card was in an authentic slab, I would AUTOMATICALLY stay away, as it waives red flags all over my alarm system.

Again, why even risk it?


  1. The actual "real" patches they use are event worn at a photo shoot anyway. I agree that its sheer douche baggery to alter these cards and then push them on unsuspecting buyers. It is also douche baggery for card companies to push event worn crap on collectors.

  2. I have beaten the event used stuff to death, but per Gregg, there isnt enough jerseys to run a years worth of products without the RC Premiere stuff. Personally, I would much rather see less Jersey cards and more auto cards, but that would negate too much of the profits of the products I would assume. Without the 2 dollar crap to fill out a product, there wont be a product anymore. 10 years ago that may have been different.

    The issue here is that these guys are running scams by selling illigitmate cards that are produced by them to make extra money. The issue is not that the jersey isnt that real anyways so its not that big of a deal to fake the patch.

  3. I authenticate PC cards because the BGS holder is a great way to protect them, and if anything, BGS tends to err on the side of rejecting any card that looks too good to be true. When you send in a patch card, they DO authenticate the patch as well as the card. I've had several cards rejected for no better reason than because the patch was great so I guess they assumed it was fake. It was only after I got documentation from the card companies that my cards were legit that BGS finally slabbed them. There are reasons to be critical of Beckett, but I can attest that at least in my case BGS has never slabbed a patch card that they are not 100% convinced is real and often that meant having the manufacterer tell them it was real.

  4. I have been told by numerous people that they are not supposed to be authenticating patches. If they denied your card for that reason, it adds some gravity to this, but according to my sources, that should not be happening.