Friday, March 6, 2009

Monthly Box Breakers Club: March

Holy Hitter- Rams, Colts
Wheeler- Raiders, Steelers, Cardinals
Kickstand- Bengals, Buccaneers
Gellman- Seahawks
Hawaiian Lion- Cowboys, 49ers
I Am Joe Collector- Ravens, Jaguars
ScubaSteve- Dolphins, Falcons
Psad21- Bills, Saints
Groat- Panthers, Eagles, Titans
TheMoose- Broncos
Arfmax- Packers, Bears
Fatcat- Texans, Chiefs
Darkship- Jets, Vikings
Whitesoxcat- Patriots, Lions
Sonic- Chargers, Browns
Voluntarheel- Titans, Giants, Panthers
Mattlange- Redskins

Trade Deadline is Saturday at 9 a.m. Central Time. Good Luck to everyone.


  1. Hey, family comes first. If you ever let something dumb like collecting sports cards get in the way of that, it's time to quit.

  2. Can I buy a team off someone? Seriously.

  3. Moose, Would you be interested in trading me the Broncos for either of my teams (Chargers, Browns)?

  4. You can have/buy the Raiders Gellman. how is that? I will hook a brother up with a potential Mcfadden :)


  5. Anyone interested in the Broncos?

  6. Bengals and Bucs up for trade. I'll trade them individually, or 2 for 1. Open to all offers except Gellman.

  7. Jags are for rent/lease/trade.

  8. Mattlange, Eagles for the Redskins?

  9. Groat, does either of my teams meet your fancy for the Panthers? I'll sell the other to Gellman if he wants what you don't.

  10. Fatcat-

    Even though according to Beckett's pricing you got a $100+ value card in that Turner Cut Auto, because I did well via that trade I think the obligation should stand.

    So if you want you have the right to switch either the Texans or Chiefs (I don't care which one) for the Colts (assuming you don't want anything to do with the Rams but if you do then just tell me). If you feel it is all good, then just let me know too.

    Pending response from Fatcat....both my teams are available for trade.....

  11. I am not taking free teams from someone, thats not fair. I got good teams for the exquisite break, so this is fine in terms of payback. is a fickle bitch.

  12. Voluntarheel, absolutely. Titans for Panthers sound good?

  13. Done. Titans for Panthers. Thanks Groat.

    Gellman- the Giants are yours if you want to buy them.

  14. Moose, Want to trade the Broncos for either of my teams (Chargers, Browns)? LMK.

  15. i'm fine with what i got in the last break. i'll keep my chiefs and texans. thanks for the offer though. i like the turner cut over the romo.

  16. Could we possibly move this to the top? The trading deadline is quickly approaching.

  17. One more last ditch attempt. Mattlange.... I'll trade you both my teams for the Redskins.

  18. Groat-

    I emailed Matt and he said that he was going to pass because he is a big 'Skins fan.