Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buy Low, Sell High, or Dont Be An Idiot Volume 5032

The way things are going with the economy, there is a lot of industries that are hurting. Some may take major hits that may take years to recover from. The sports card industry is no different, as we have seen, and if you arent hurting for cash or work, is this a good time to get in on some deals? I would say so.

The economy will rebound, eventually, and the prices for gas and other ammenities will go back up, eventually, so I will assume that cards will come back up too, eventually. The good thing is that if you have been trying to get that card you have wanted for a long time, maybe now is the time to check eBay for a good price. Now, I just said yesterday that investing in cards is a bat shit crazy idea - and it is - but buying cards that you like is still a worthwhile adventure, especially if you can get them for cheap. Listen, money is always going to be a part of this hobby, and everyone wants a worthwhile pile of their favorite cards. That doesnt stop people from thinking that now is a good time to sell because the cards are down and not coming up. I agree that prices are down, but dont even think of selling now to get out before things hit rock bottom and stay there, because it wont stay there. I would say that this is one of the better times to grow your collection, and one of the worst times to sell it.

I see hundreds of people trying to get out while they can, and really, I think that is such a stupid idea unless your house or food is on the line. If it comes down to eating or collecting, dont be retarded. But if you just want to jump off the pain train because you are worried about the long run, stop your fussing.

Patience is a virtue in this hobby, especially in selling, and I think that most of the people who do have that patience are some of the better people to get involved within the confines of the industry. Of course, that doesnt say much for the people who pay 20% more for a product because its new, or the people who sell their collection at the first sign of peril. Stick it out people, you wont be sorry.


  1. thanks again gellman, I thought about just getting rid of a few good hits since I got back into the hobby I have this preconcieved notion that this is just another 80's replay when we were trying to snag canseco's and the other sad steriod HR kings, even a hopefully clean griffey isn't worth anthing anyore. but his cards to me are priceless from his seattle days as he's my favorite player. I guess in this time of collecting there is hope some of these new rookies and prospects will hold some value but I'm not collecting for a profit I learned my lesson on that one years ago. Grant

  2. I definitely agree. I've been able to take advantage of the bad economy and get some great deals over the last couple of months. Now is a great time to buy and a bad time to sell.

  3. And yet you still have idiots who quote book.

    I had someone recetly try to sell me a Favre auto, that actually had a significant chip out the top of the card, at a "bargain" two-thirds of book. I pointed out to him how irrelevant book was, and showed him 2 similar Favre cards I had won on Ebay which were around one-third of book.

    Naturally he got all up in arms about ME trying to rip him off, and wouldn't budge, so I didn't buy the card.

    3 weeks latter I bought the same sort of card off someone else for $50 less and minus the chip in the card.

    If you think a card is worth a certain amount, which is much more than what people are paying for it, that is fine - so long as you don't try to sell it.

    Let's face facts - supply and demand. Demand is down because there are fewer people with the money to buy cards, while supply is up because there are probably more people out there trying to sell some of their cards because they are struggling financially.The result? Card prices are down, substantially.

    That is why I think if you are going to sell on ebay, the buy it now or best offer is a much better option then the auction at the moment. With fewer people out there bidding on items, the prices don't go up as high. On the other hand with the but it now of best offer, all you need is one or two people out there who really want the card, and they can make a good offer that is better than what you would get at auction. If you don't get a good offer? Don't sell the cards.

    Recently I've sold some Packers cards I bought 2 years ago (Christmas, Valentine's day, tax bill meant I didn't have much money to spend on Favre cards, so I decided to sell these cards to buy Favre cards). In most cases I sold these cards for very close to what I paid for them, with a few being sold for what I paid for them or more than I paid for them. Taking into account the weaker Australian dollar now compared to when I bought them, and the fact that I get more bang for my buck now with card prices on the slide, I actually came out on top! Strange isn't it?

  4. i tend to disagree w/ a lot of your topics but your dead on w/ this one ive seen my PC grow up fast over last few months it is a great time to buy