Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre Retires...Again...For Real...He Promises...Maybe

Bretty McTractor has decided to hang it up with the Jets, and hopefully I dont have to fucking hear about it for the next 8 months. I know that Kornheiser and Madden are probably going through the 4 stages of grief again, but they deserve it.

I love all the idiot Jets fans who went and bought every single Jets Favre card that was made, including the entire set of "Broadway Brett" letters from Icons, and a jersey, and a bobblehead, and a sex doll. I finally get my time to laugh in your stupid faces, and laugh at the Jets for believing that the golden boy of flesh colored beards could save you.

Odds that they will be playing tearful montages on sportscenter narrated by Stuart Scott and Chris Berman? 1:1.

Thank god he is gone...

....for now.


  1. What's up with all the hatin on Favre?

  2. F^ck Brett Favre and his selfish, egotistical ass!

  3. as a patriots fan...i am still steamed at favre....if he stays retired the FIRST time...the dolphins don't get pennington, and the pats would have won the divison...

  4. Number of Super Bowls won by Brett Favre: 1

    Number of Super Bowls won by the Minnesotta Vikings: O

    Enough said.

    Brett Favre is a much greater player than anybody who has ever been on the Vikings, so I can understand why a Vikings fan would feel so bitter towards Brett Favre.

    Maybe one day the Vikings will win a Super bowl - I doubt any of us will live that long to see it however. Though of course, with those players who had breakout seasons like you predicted Gellmam (Sidney Rice) I could be wrong and maybe the Vikings will win a Super bowl soon - along with Sarah Palin becoming a member of Mensa.

    I for one hope he does change his mind and return for at least another year, because even a Brett Favre who isn't what he was in his prime is a lot better to watch than the Vikings, and so much better.

  5. Alex, I dont disagree with anything you said really, the Vikings are pretty bad right now and they only made the playoffs due to sheer luck. I just hate favre and his maybe, maybe not attitude.

  6. Holy Sheeeeeet... Alex dropping the mushroom clouds! Them NFC North rivalries are vicious!

    Falcons and Jets. what a revoltin' way to bookend a career.

  7. There may be some problems with his "maybe/maybe not " attitude, that is true.

    After he came back last year, Favre indicated that the Packers had basically forced his hand, making him retire. Now while many people simply dismissed this as him trying to make excuses, what Tim Brown said may have confirmed this to an extent.

    When the whole issue of Favre maybe deciding to come back last year came up, Tim Brown said that he should stay retired because he knew that the Packers didn't want him back last year and didn't want him back this year because they wanted to move on. Was Tim Brown talking out of his ass? Possibly, but he may also be telling the truth here.

    Let's face facts, while Brett Favre was in Green Bay, the Packers were Favre's team, and any success it had would be attributed to him. Now this must have grated for Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy, knowing that they wouldn't get the credit they deserved/think they deserved for how the team would do. The solution to this, from their point of view (or their egos) would be to no longer have Brett Favre Quarterbacking the Packers so they could get more of the credit - though it hasn't workled out this way for them yet.

    While Brett's season in New York wasn't great, you need to look at the Packers and Jets records. In 2007, the Jets without Favre were 4 and 12. In 2008, the Jets with Favre were 9 and 7. In 2007 the Pakcers with Favre were 13 and 3. In 2008 without Favre, the Packers were 6 and 10. Was this all Favre? Of course not, football is a team game. However I think only the most naive person would say that Favre didn't have something to do with that. I mean even his stats in 2008 were better than the combinesd states of Pennington and Clemmens in New York in 2007 - 3,472 yards, 22 Tds and 22 Ints, to 3,294 yards, 15 Tds and 19 Ints.

    Is Favre perfect? Not by a long shot. But he (along with Barry Sanders) has been the most exciting players to watch in the NFL the last 20 years, and is the main reason I follow the NFL and collect NFL cards. He resurrected the Packers, played a part in the growth of the popularity of the NFL at the expense of baseball in the 1990s, gave the NFL some profile outside the US, at least in Australia (From 1996 onwards he has been the most reported NFL player in Australia - though we are still only talking a couple of stories/articles a year), and has never been caught taking illegal/banned drugs or been arrested or convicted of any crime. On top of that (and this isn't reported that often) he has done a lot of charity work, inlcuding for breast cancer, though some would argue that this is because it has affected him personally.

    Given all of that, I am prepared to forgive him for his waffling.

  8. 'Falcons and Jets. what a revoltin' way to bookend a career'

    That's funny stuff.

    I stand with Gellman here. I respect Favre for what he has done, but I have a large distaste for any player that holds a team hostage. I still have trouble with Eli Manning for the whole Draft situation.

    I also can't stand the ESPN worship. Can you even imagine what it will be like when Derek Jeter retires? I think I'll just go Amish for about 6 months.


  9. "I still have trouble with Eli Manning for the whole Draft situation."

    Dude, I thought that was the douchiest thing I had seen since marino or elway or whoever pulled that shit before. Get the sand out of your vagina and go play for the team that drafts ya.

  10. Oh, and dont get me started on Jeter again. I may take a life.

  11. The thing is with Favre, the times when he "held his team hostage" by delaying a decision, he decided to come back and play, so it didn't have any long term consequences, as opposed to if he held off making a decision until June/July then decided to retire, or if he decided to retire during training camp or pre-season like some players do.

    Last year when he decided to retire/was forced to retire, it was in early march.

    So yes, while his actions may not have been ideal, they aren't on par with Eli and Elway who had done nothing in their NFL career but refused to play for a team.

  12. If it wasn't for the poor coaching towards the end of the season, Jets would have been in the playoffs.