Thursday, February 26, 2009

Topps Sterling Football Is Back On; Still Sucks Beyond Belief

Well, Topps Sterling Football is now back on after being axed from last years list. See, thats fine if Topps wants to display their lack of talent in high end products by putting out a football set that makes Triple Threads look good, im fine with that. I mean where else will I get cards commemorating the most obscure stats ever recorded? Lets take bets on which of these will be included:

Adrian Peterson 6 piece Jersey Auto - Die cut spells out 4PSG07 to commemorate his 4 Pre season games in 2007 with at least 1 rushing yard.

Jim Brown 7 piece Jersey - Die cut spells out 3FP1978 to commemorate his 3 forward passes he threw in the 1978 season.

Joe Montanta 8 piece jersey foldout - Die cut spells out SBWINODD to commemorate his Super Bowl Win in an odd numbered year.

Johnny Unitas 6 Piece jersey - Die cut says "SETUR" and then has a picture that resembles a watch to commemorate his haircut that you could set your watch to.

Earl Campbell 8 Piece Foldout Jersey Auto - Die cut spells out 2GMKROIL to commemorate his NFL record 2 plays at Kick Returner for the Oilers.

Jerry Rice 8 Piece Jersey Auto 1/1 - Die Cut spells out ENDARND5 to commemorate his end around play in the NFL playoffs in 1988. It obviously went for 5 yards... Duh.

John Elway 8 Piece Jersey Auto - Die cut spells out 2PCKSADY to commemorate his lung busting smoking habit. This card is going to be a keeper!

Im sure that these new ones, as well as the old ones from the post last time, will all make Topps Sterling the greatest football set of all time. I mean, it will only be $200+ dollars a pack for 1 hit. That is the best configuration EVAR! Some sick MOJO will be coming out of this beast of a product. YESSSSSSSS!


  1. I know you hate Triple Threads, and while I do share your sentiments on the trivial die cuts and manufactured scarcity, you have to admit, that set did have some of the nicer patches to hit the market in 2008.

  2. While that may be true, its not that big of a deal to me when the design makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  3. You are kidding about the Elway one, right? That seems insulting...

  4. No, elway has been widely known as a chimney.

  5. I honestly read this and thought it was all a joke. Would be a hilarious parody article if it wern't true...

    Article idea alert! Topps Sterling Parody cards!

  6. Sorry brainfarts. I gotta stop doing the blogging while at work.

  7. Man I would love to run with this idea:

    Bengals Teamcard: 11CONS - Number of arrests in 06
    Nate Newton: 6LBS - pounds of pot found in his trunk
    Albert Haynesworth: RIVERDANCE Foldout - commemorate his head-stompong penalty

    I could do this all night.

  8. If you can't afford the product or don't like it, then don't buy it.