Friday, February 13, 2009

Topps Continues To Suck At Everything

Printing plates are my least favorite type of 1/1, especially when they are done by topps. It’s a fucking asinine way to appease the Beckett thumping Joe Collectors, and I don’t think I would ever pay for one or recommend even keeping one. If I pulled one of Adrian Peterson, you better believe that it would be on eBay the next day. Just a fucking stupid pull, yet people still go fucking nuts when they pull them, screaming "MOJO!!!!!!" like they are that kid who got the Nintendo 64 for christmas. God I hate people who say that shit, but that is a different post all together.

Well, this one takes the cake, but coming from topps, I am not at all surprised.

This is a 1/1 printing plate of Mushin Muhammad that has some retard pooping his pants on SCF. I swear to god, there is no fucking reason this should be in the set. It is a sheet of metal that someone slapped a topps sticker on the back of. It just floors me every time I see this shit. But wait, it doesnt stop!

Below is another gem from Topps Triple Suck, wonderful how they have like 20 of these per card per player. Can someone find a name on this worthless piece of metal? No? Hmm, let me relate Triple Suck to something a little more concrete. A few years back, Kia tried passing one of their cars off as a luxury car worthy of competing with the top luxury cars in its class. They put out commercials, and all sorts of bullshit to try to make me think that their cars were good for someone looking for luxury. The whole time I was watching, I was just screaming in my head, "IT’S A FUCKING KIA!! WHAT THE FUCK?!?" That’s what Topps is to high end. They are a Kia trying to compete with Mercedes and BMW. Wonderful.


  1. There are a lot of things that puzzle me about the modern collector, but printing plates have to be at the top of the list.

    Why are these interesting? They are ugly as hell, across the board. I can't think of a reason why I'd ever keep a printing plate.

  2. haha i read that guy's break on SCF. i wanted to make fun of him so bad that he was so pumped about that printing plate.

    it was out of a blaster so thats alright i guess.

  3. Comedic gold over there. Everytime I need a good laugh, I just head over there. Its like Mojo fucking city.

  4. that is a plate?? looks more like a black piece of paper...god that is ugly..and stupid as heck

  5. that plate does have a nice border, though.

    I myself am currently in negotiations with Topps over the relic and redemption cards they left out of my hobby box. Damn them!

  6. For all the crappiness that is Triple Threads at least they put in some decent patches this year. I still wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

  7. I hate his auto, but the Chris Johnson patch is sweet.