Wednesday, February 4, 2009

National Treasures: Living the Dream

I get notified each time someone lists something with the words Peterson and 1/1 in the title. Usually that gets me a bunch of triple suck, a ton of lettermen poop, and every once in a while, something worth looking at. This is one of those things. I expect this will go around 800-1000 dollars, maybe more, as the other 1/1s are always put up at insaneulous BINs just to use ebay as the sellers personal photobucket.

This is different, as it is in auction format, and its a fucking great card.


  1. The only things I don't understand about these cards are:

    1. Why didn't they make the window large enough to showcase the entire logo?

    2. How, for the love of god, do you have STICKERS in a $400 product?

  2. Not a fan of Donruss or Football but that card is amazing.

  3. 1. because the logo is gigantic, and personally, I dont really care about the rest of it.

    2. I agree 100%, however, we are living in a time where this is still acceptable. When done right, as I think this one is, it'll do until things change.

  4. Things will never change cause you guys will still drool all over it and some sap with too much money will bid for it.

  5. What's not to drool over? Its a great looking card. A sticker is not the end of a card when its done right. Yeah it should be on card, but Im not going to discount it because its not.

    Besides, from your previous comment, I thought that you agreed. If not, to each his own.

  6. It's a wonderful looking card but I had no idea what the price of the product was. If you have one product to make'd think it would be the one that costs $400.


  7. I agree, but I dont think they have a choice. Thats just my guess. If they could, they would.

  8. Actually from reading the last post on The Sports Card file, now I can kind of understand. According to Steve, if you want to put out a product with on-card autos, you have to give yourself almost 11-12 months to get all the cards back from the players.


  9. I for one was disappointed when I saw this card because I was hoping it was in our box that would be busted tonight....of course there still is another 1/1 AP auto out there so I can hope.

    The cost of getting on card autos in terms of production timeline, etc. I think is what keeps it from happening (if they want to maintain profitability). Either way the card is totally sweet even with the sticker auto.

    Yeah it would be better if it were on the card but either way it is AP's auto.

  10. It is AD's auto for sure, and actually one of the nicest stickers I have seen from him.

    I figured it would take at least that long, and from my experience with a guy I know who was a lottery pick in the NBA, its the LAST thing they want to do. Most of the cards are sent to an agent or to their house.

    Like I said, if they could do it in an efficient manner, they would.

  11. I prefered the way they used stickers in NT06. See through stickers with no thought through background behind them is freaking ugly.

    That card is nice though but it should have been an on card auto to make it perfect. I actually don't mind the small window.

    Quote: "I agree, but I dont think they have a choice. Thats just my guess. If they could, they would."

    I think that is way wrong. I think they could if they wanted to, but it's not going to sell them that many more boxes and the cost for them to sort it out probably outweighs the return, so why should they?

  12. I would rather have an sp rookie gold for that price. Interesting Adam you think it would go for maybe 1k but the leaf certified black rookie dual logo would fetch only 1500. It is twice the card IMO.
    Thoughts my fellow 2nd world collector. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.

  13. Mojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.