Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congrats Psad21.....

If you remember the 2 box break of 2007 National Treasures from January, then you will remember that in one of the boxes we received 4 Material Cards and only 2 autos. I put in the claim with Donruss and today in the mail I got the replacement card.

Donruss did not replace it with a 2007 NT Auto, but rather sent us one of those "manufactured" patch autos from 2008. While it is somewhat disappointing at least it is an auto of a historical player and not some no-name rookie.

Anyway here is a scan of the card that will be sent out to psad21 who owned the Cleveland Browns in that break.....


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  1. Awesome! I have no idea who Dub Jones is but I'll take it. Thanks for putting the claim in HH!