Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baseball Group Break - You Decide

I have had some requests over the last few weeks to do a baseball group break, and I will be happy to oblige as long as there is not millions of base cards for me to ship out. So, based on that, here are your options:

Prime Cuts 08 - 15 bucks per 2 team spot per box (we can do multiples)
Ultimate Collecton 08 - 7 bucks per 2 team spot per box (ditto)
Exquisite Collection 07 - 10 bucks per 2 team spot per box (ditto)
Donruss Signature 05 - 17 bucks per 2 team spot per box (ditto)
Upper Deck Epic 06 - 11 bucks per 2 team spot per box (ditto)
Case of 2005 Absolute Update - Will be expensive, can check on case prices, this will be fun enough that I would be willing to put up with the shipping.

Please post your choices below, plus how many boxes we should do. I will decide based on response.


  1. the case of 2005 absolute update

  2. lets do absolute update - why not!

  3. These all sound fun...I'm in for any of them.

  4. If we do the absolute, it will probably be over 100 dollars per 2 team slot.

  5. Personally, I like the newer stuff, 08 Ultimate would be my pick.


  6. I'd be in for anything but absolute. Just too expensive right now.

    I'd definately be tuning in to see what was pulled, though, and living vicariously.

  7. Can't afford the $100 dollar one. 08 ultimate looks good or the prime cuts ( even better). I gotta get in on one of these! Grant

  8. I have literally seen people bathed by Ab Mem Update. The first 2005 release was far and away the better product, and the only one worth what they are asking per box. Check out the case break of Update on FCB. It was brutal.

    I would buy 2 spots in 08 Ultimate.

  9. How many boxes of ultimate do you want to do? Its one hit per box.

  10. how about 1 prime cuts and 1 premier BB 08