Saturday, January 10, 2009

SCU Breaks: (2) Boxes of 07 National Treasures (FULL)

There were some sentiments for making the 2 boxes of National Treasures a box of 06 and a box of 07. I went to look over at and the 06 National Treasures were out. Since there were a few votes for straight 07 and a couple who just said NT break we will stay with the 2 boxes of 2007 National Treasures. Here are the details:

(1) Video Break of 2 Boxes of 2007 National Treasures Football
(2) $18 per slot
(3) Slot gets you [1] random team assigned via video recording at
(4) Send paypal payments to:
(5) Cards with multiple teams will be randomed out between the owners of the teams represented on the card (taking Lars, aka penguin101, advice if say there are 3 teams on the card each team slot will be entered via along with "dud, dud, triple" and whoever gets the triple gets the card. Will hit random button 5 times for random distribution"
(6) Boxes will be ordered once the break fills. (I will be out of town until Saturday Night, so if this fills up quickly the break will be at the earliest Saturday, January 17th....I will keep everyone posted)
(7) Teams can be traded amongst participants once assigned.
(8) Your name will be added once you have been paid.

Best of luck to everyone.

1. darkship (paid)
2. darkship (paid)
3. kblose (paid)
4. psad21 (paid)
5. penguin101 (paid)
6. penguin101 (paid)
7. groat (paid)
8. groat (paid)
9. voluntarheel (paid)
10. voluntarheel (paid)
11. arfmax (paid)
12. arfmax (paid)
13. dave-FC (paid)
14. dave-FC (paid)
15. vmonfredo (paid)
16. vmonfredo (paid)
17. Holy Hitter (paid)
18. Holy Hitter (paid)
19. psad21 (paid)
20. caspalta (paid)
21. wannatrade (paid)
22. wannatrade (paid)
23. wannatrade (paid)
24. tomtheripper (paid)
25. fatcat4262 (paid)
26. mseinkiewicz (paid)
27. mseinkiewicz (paid)
28. hupaskin (paid)
29. hupaskin (paid)
30. wheeler (paid)
31. wheelerl (paid)
32. kblose (paid)


  1. Which email is that payment should be sent to, I forgot...

  2. sorry, I will post that too.

  3. I just sent payment for 2 slots. I'm not usually interested in football cards, but just watched a few breaks of this on YouTube and it looks damn GOOD!

  4. Due to two payments coming in roughly at the same time and both for 2 spots when there were only 3 remaining, I have given one of my three slots to kblose.

    I will try and get the video tape of team randomization going tomorrow night and the break should be Saturday barring any box mixups at my house (since i will be returning on saturday)

  5. Holy, If you want that third spot, you can have one of mine. I was just trying to fill out the break so you could order. Let me know what you want to do.


  6. Good Luck guys I was gone from Thursday till Monday. Was in Pitt for the playoffs. next time in any box break please include me for 2 spots I will always pay. I voted then missed the post lol.


  7. Voluntarheel-

    Would you be willing to give 2 of your spots to wheeler? I am fine with my 2 spots.

    I will be doing the video tomorrow night (got busy tonight) so that should give you time.

    Let me know. I will refund your money and wheeler can pay me.

  8. Wheeler, if you want them then you can have my last two. One condition being that if you get the Lions, that you will consider a trade with me first. If I don't have a team/teams you want, then no obligation. I am just dying for the Calvin out of this set.

    Let me and Holy know before the video if you want them.


  9. Thanks guys for working with me. Voluntarheel Lions will be yor on trade if I get them ;)