Monday, January 5, 2009

A Comment On Ultimate Collection

People, I remember when Ultimate Collection was cool. It was 100 dollars a pack, and it was filled with cards that had value in the fucking game used jersey cards. Now, at still the same price, the cards have become cookie cutter pieces of crap. There is no individuality in the sets and everything looks exactly the same as the next.

After seeing this year's baseball set, with absolutely no change from card to card, I sincerely hope that football has some sweetness to it - and I am not talking about an abundance of Payton cards.

The last three years have been crap for Ultimate. I hope they get their asses in gear.


  1. I have no love for Ultimate Collection. But the good news is that National Treasures 2008 is soon to be released and it looks so damn good it's making me sick. So sick that I'm actually considering buying a whole case for myself, which is about $1200. I know I shouldn't but I'm tempted.

    I think the design of this years NT is by far the best, at least from what we've seen so far. I hope it delivers just as good as Playoff Cuts has.

    The price is quite high though, at 400 a box you need some major hit to make up for it. I will most likely wait with my purchase of the product until I see some breaks.

    Have you considered a bigger NT SCU group break, maybe 1 or 2 cases of NT08?

  2. Youre right, this stuff have been crummy, but i actually like the look if it this year compared to last years. I busted a case, and i did pretty good, even though i was shorted a bunch of hits.

  3. Gellman, when is your next group break?