Monday, December 8, 2008

Value Bumps: Week 14

Wow, its been a while since I have done this, and I am finally getting back into the swing of things, as you can tell. Thanks to the list of shit I need to do dwindling down to only a few things, I think I am ready to get back on the horse. This edition of Value Bumps will be more of a collaboration of a few weeks, but it was still a pretty good week for a lot of the main players in the hobby.

Matt Forte

My nemesis, the bane of my 2008, the guy continues to produce, much to my chagrin. The guy has had a better RC season than Gale Sayers, and that is impressive. The problem I have is more with the team he plays for, as the Bears continue to nip at the heels of my Vikings. His cards have flustered with the top of the 2008 class due to the economy, but he is still one of the bigger RCs of the year.


Matt Ryan

Matty Ice is ROY without question. The guy is maybe the best RC QB since Marino, and trust me, Akili Smith is quite jealous. His cards are huge right now, and over the last few weeks, he has shown that his team is ready for the show in the next few weeks. His success only shows how important a good QB is to a winning team - just look at Peterson.


LaDanian Tomlinson

It looks like his season has plummeted alongside the Chargers' playoff hopes, and his card values havent done much better. Tomlinson will always be a valuable pull, but this year just wasnt his year. Too bad really, as his success was well documented, and to see him falter is tough to watch.


Chris Johnson

Besides Forte, this guy was one of the bigger surprises of the year, and last week, he was like a stock car at Daytona. The guy runs like freight train, and his yards and TDs keep piling up, even with LenDale White at like 40 TDs as well. His card values are at the top of the class, and I hope the Titans can do well enough to get him some additional value.


Aaron Rodgers

I guarantee that there are at least 20,000 Packer fiends that are screaming at themselves for giving up on Fah-ve. Rodgers has led his team right out of contention in the North, and I am sure his card values have been feeling it lately. Personally I am loving it because I hate the Packers, but I know this is something that a lot of recent Rodgers investors are pretty pissed about. Its been a rule of mine to never get involved in a contract year, but that doesnt stop anyone usually. Look at Adrian Beltre!


Joe Flacco

Ryan isnt the only game in town for RC QBs, and Flacco has been exceeding expectations for months. The guy, like Ryan is leading his team into the playoffs, and has a great defense to help him go very, very far a la Roethlisberger. Look for big things.


Harry Douglas

Or the wonder that is Harry Douglas, for sure. He was a nobody at the Rookie Premiere earlier this year and since has become an integral part of the Falcons' offense. If you talk about great catches, he comes up twice in the conversation. I was lucky to pull an auto of his out of BC, but it was a redemption, so I would say wait on picking those up. Regardless, he gets a bump.


Calvin Johnson

If the Lions ever become a good team again, this guy will reap the benefits. His play has been the only bright spot this year for the Lions, and now with the loss of Roy Williams, this guys career may go somewhere if the motor city kitties ever find a way to win again. He gets an even bump on a team that has nothing but downs on it. Good for him to hold his value in that shithole.


Jared Allen

Allen could be the most vocal and visible defensive end in Vikings history, and I love every minute of it. The guy is a walking punchline, and its not because of his play on the field, thank god. Of course, he loves every minute of it too. The problem? He has one auto that has ever been made and it is tough to get. 40 dollars to the first person to send one to me. That card has gone steadily up over the season, and now its close to impossible to find it for under 40 bucks. That is impressive for a DE on a Minnesota team. Plus, he signs through the mail, so a bump for him.


Jonathan Stewart

Sadly DeAngelo has taken over as the top guy, but I still see good things in the future for him. His cards have dropped recently, but should go up again when he gets his carries in the playoffs. Keep an eye out for his upcoming SPAs and Exquisites, they will have some big values attached to them - you watch.


Thats about it for now, more to come as the weeks progress.


  1. Talking about values...

    I invested heavily in 14 new Jacobs rookie cards weak before he first got injured, that sucked. He was otw to one monster season and now it could potentially be over. Well I'm lucky it's for my PC and that I wont get rid of those.

    Flacco Ryan Forte Slaton CJ, lots of nice rookies this year.

  2. How has Rodgers led the Packers out of contention? Has he given up over 500 yards of offense the last 2 weeks? 295, 2 TD's and 1 INT is not exactly leading the Packers out of contention. The Defense sucks.

  3. Rodgers is the face of the team in most people's minds, and they wont care what the defense did.

  4. Seems that Stewart might be a bump up? 2 td's 115 yds with a 7.7 average.