Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Box Breaks Tonight - Contest For SCU Breakers

Here is what is happening. Tonight, I will be opening a box of 2008 Threads Baseball and a box of 2008 Topps Chrome Football. THIS IS NOT AN SCU GROUP BREAK. For those of you who have participated in an SCU Break, the upcoming Prime Cuts break, or the monthly football break, you are eligible for this contest - SO PAY ATTENTION. I want this to be a sort of holiday giveaway, so here is what I would like to happen.

I am opening the football first, and I will be getting plenty of refractors and stuff in the box (hopefully). Pick a team, and if the first parallel or auto comes from that team, you will win a hit from either the football box or the baseball box depending on your preference of sports. So, that being said, you could either get a jersey or auto from the DLP Threads, or a refractor or auto from the Chrome. Hell if you want all the base cards, ill give those to you instead. Pretty simple.

There are 32 teams in the NFL, so the first 32 people can enter. Just post in the comments below. Please stay tuned to this post in case I cant approve the posts often enough. If you choose a team that has already been chosen due to someone posting before you, I will randomly assign you a team that hasnt been chosen off the top of my head. Remember, the actual team of your choice has nothing to do with the hit you will be getting.

The hit you win will be shipped out with the Prime Cuts cards.

Happy Holidays Guys.

Edit: My camera cut out mid chrome break, so I will let you know that Houston Collector won the contest with the pull for the Giants. It was a Jeremy Shockey red refractor 23/25, which also turned out to be the best hit of the box with NO FUCKING AUTO. Let me know if you want a bunch of base or a hit from either the football or the baseball break. The threads hasnt come yet, so ill have to let you know. Send me a comment or an email.