Friday, December 19, 2008

Beckett Topps Sterling Break Is Coming Monday

Just so this is here, I am putting the odds of them getting a monster pull at 1:1, much as I did with Prime Cuts.

Here is a something that you may want to think about:

1. Will they get a top tier box?
2. Will they get a case hit letter?
3. Will they get a huge fucking cut auto like last year?
4. Will they be stupid enough to post the video if they do?
5. Why are they publicizing this?
6. Do they expect us to eat this shit up like its hackler's (obviously) golden poops?
7. Are they thinking that we are going to forget that this is ANOTHER hand seeded product?
8. Are they expecting us to forget that the NAMES ARE PRINTED ON THE FUCKING BOXES?
9. Will people care that this is filmed before the release date, AGAIN?

My call: A ridiculous patch of a pre-war or war era player, and yes to all the above.


  1. I'm predicting they intentionally asked for a so-so box. That way they can cry "See, you're all full of shit!" I think the heat guys like you and Mario are putting on them is starting to get to them. Although they will never admit it.

  2. The sad thing is, they can easily avoid this controversy if they used a voucher system to get the boxes from actual hobby stores. They get a voucher from the card company, take that to a hobby store, the hobby store gets paid and they get rid of the loaded box controversy. Then give the cards to the hobby shop or some random kid in the store. It's not that hard.

  3. Hackler's Golden Poops™! Part of this nutritious balanced breakfast!

    Silly kids, hits are for dealers!

  4. Thank you Gellman. Without guys like you, these pricks like Hackler would be able to do whatever they want without any consequence. All the Joe Collectors out there would just mindlessly buy boxes because they saw a great box break on You sir are the Edward R. Murrow of the sports cards industry.

  5. if they were smart the would create a beckett street crew that would go out into the market and do boxbusters live from hobby stores

  6. You should turn this into a contest Gellman. I'm gonna call a Nolan Ryan patch-auto/10 with a Gold-border parallel in the mystery pack.

  7. "You know what my goal is in all this, all this fighting, all this swearing? To get you to think for yourselves. Thats pretty much my goal, because when you do that, they lose."

    THAT is most of the problem IMO. People not thinking for themselves. I understand Beckett takes advantage of their place in the hobby but they wouldn't have such a place in the hobby if more people did what THEY SHOULD DO.

    RESEARCH a product YOURSELF don't take a video box break and a review from some dude as the final word.