Monday, December 29, 2008

Prime Cuts Break Tonight

Should have the boxes opened and posted by 8pm PST, so please check back. If you have completed a trade for teams, make sure to let me know - I havent really been following it.

Thanks to all of you who are participating, hopefully we will have something to talk about.

A few rules clarifications:

1. Cards from old teams will go to the person who has the current team (IE Nationals get the Expos, San Fran gets the NY Giants, LA gets the Brooklyn Dodgers).

2. Multiplayer cards will be randomed for the people involved

3. Non baseball cards will be randomed for everyone in the break

4. All cards will be sent

Any other questions, please post.


  1. So, you still have the rockies for two slots. I think a member pointed out that I get the rockies, not that i think there will be any great rockies cards and arfmax gets another team. I watched the video and cant really tell. - vinny monfredo

  2. Dont worry, I will figure it out before the break. If you have the rockies, thats what you will get, ill keep you posted.

  3. The other missing team was arizona, not that either team will be that good. Regardless, its fixed now.

  4. I thought your favorite dog was a Ball Park Frank...huh. Have a happy new year.