Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Hand Seeded Product, Another Disgrace

Please do me a favor and check out the fucking pieces of shit over at Beckett's blog, watch the Razor video and sit back and fucking watch stupidity in action. I say stupidity, because you would have to be fucking retarded to post a video like that and not expect me to bring the pain all over again. At that point you just stick it in the "vault" and never let it see the light of day. Of course, Beckett is comprised of hundreds of arrogant fucks who think that only a "few people" dislike what they do, and therefore dont care if people think this is a scam of scams.

Now, in the video, they pull three cards out of three boxes that were PERSONALLY delivered by Brian Gray of Razor. They proceed to pull Pete Rose, Charlton Heston, and Lucille Ball (1/1), or three monster pulls out of a product chaulk full of unheard of actors and musicians. Three boxes, three great pulls, who would have guessed it right? Fuck that shit Mr. Gray, I hope your products fail like the shit they are.

I would challenge you to find people on this planet who have pulled as many monster pulls out of so few boxes than the cum dumpsters over at Beckett. Lets run down the new list after this box, and I will continue to add to it as they pull more whales. I say "when" because we all know they are arrogant and stupid enough to post more.

1. Vince Young Exquisite RC Patch Auto (Bigger pull out of the set at the time)
2. Joe Dimaggio Topps Sterling Jersey Cut Auto
3. Walter Payton/Brian Piccolo Dual Cut Exquisite Legends 1/1
4. Brady Quinn National Ridiculous Patch Auto 1/1
5. Adrian Peterson 1/1 Exquisite RC Patch Auto (Worth 5-8K)
6. Matt Ryan/Brian Brohm/Andre Woodson Triple Auto Rookie Progression (Best Card In Set?)
7. Charlton Heston Cut Auto Razor
8. Lucille Ball Cut Auto 1/1
9. Pete Rose Cut Auto
EDIT: 10. LaDanian Tomlinson Exquisite Base 1/1 (YES, the list is so long, I am beginning to forget cards)

How long will it be before we can no longer count the scams on two hands?

Seriously though, Im beginning to be more disgusted with their arrogance in these matters than the actual instances themselves. I mean the manufacturers are just as irresponsible. Its like Beckett just doesnt care why we think this is beyond awful, like they just dont understand how morally and ethically irresponsible it is to do what they do. They just assume that they are the number one source in the hobby, and because they are at the top they can fuck whoever they want to fuck. Since I am the only one who seems to present the evidence, it doesnt really go anywhere. I am small potatoes, I know that.

So, because I know that all the manufacturers read this blog, please, I implore you, talk to me for a few minutes before you send more boxes to these idiots. Send me an email and hear me out, hell, send an email to Mario at Wax Heaven, or Chris at Stale Gum, anyone - they will all tell you the same thing. We want this to end.

Its getting to the point where I may just say, "fuck all of you!" and start a petition just so you can
see how many people actually feel the way I do. Yes, 3,000 people may view your break on Beckett, but I can promise you that I can find JUST AS MANY people who will spit in your face.

The king of the douches may tell you that its only a few people because he is an arrogant disconnected fuck with no reason to tell you the truth, but I will not hesitate to spell it out. Fuck Beckett.


  1. I dont collect cards, and even I can see that this is a scam!

  2. I wonder what it will take. Boycotts don't work anymore, do they?

  3. Funny I was just watching their break of those rookie baseball signature series and something the Razor Rep/owner whatever he is said caught my attention. Its near the beginning.

    Frankly Gellman they just don't give a damn. They feed on the masses that need the reassurance that their cards are worth tons of money and that they are really pulling great highly valuable cards.

    As far as the breaks go, all one has to do is see your breaks, holy hitter, box busters, me, basically anyone that busts wax on their site regularly to know that breaks don't happen that way. I have busted $3500-$4000 worth since September and I have yet to get anything close to what they have. Sure we have all had some nice cards fall out of packs, but nothing close to the rate they have. I am hoping my case break of 07 Ultimate Football is instructive as to what a case hit out of high end looks like.

    Instead, Beckett just calls you names, says that you are out of touch to appease the congregation. I will admit that I have subscribed to Tuff Stuff. I use it for reference and some of the articles are interesting. I will even look at the last one I got, March 08 to see what a card books for and then, if I really want it, bid no more than half. However, there are those that use Beckett as their bible, hand on every issue that comes out at $10 a pop, subscribes to the website and eats up the shit because they need to believe in the almighty Beckett. So Gellman, that's why Beckett doesn't care what you, I, or any of your like minded readers think. Cats and Dogs I suppose.

  4. I think 1/1's fall pretty common in this worthless product. Still, gotta love Chris Olds who looks like he overdosed on nerve tonic.

  5. gellman's speech to beckett.

  6. I watched the video. The question that I have is, are the hits that good in every pack/box? I mean, every card in the product is a cut signature, and there's a 1/1 per case. I just don't know if what Beckett pulled is all that much better than what anyone else would pull. I do think less of Razor after seeing Brian Gray hanging out with those "cum dumpsters" - I love that term!

  7. Im not commenting that they got a 1/1, because yes they are pretty common, but look what they pulled in 3 boxes! Pete Rose, Lucille Ball, Charlton heston! I saw a ton of this product busted today and no one pulled anything close. They pulled 1/1s but they werent like that. Plus, with 3 boxes, can we really see that they hit every cut that many others cant?

  8. Gellman,

    As a former employee of Beckett, I havent been able to say anything here for a while. Now that I have moved on for greener pastures, I just want to tell you that you are on the right track. Give em hell.

  9. Uhh, wow. Okay, as much as I want to say that I believe you, I just cant. Although, surprisingly, this is the first time this has happened.

  10. You should calm down. With your weight problem, it's only a matter of time before the heart attack comes.

  11. I remember a time when Beckett and Tuff Stuff were used like bibles in the hobby. They became the giants they are simply because people didn't know any better and had no way of finding out the kind of sham these companies are. However, with the advent of the internet it's becoming more and more apparent every week what a fraud they really are. How anybody could believe in these companies anymore is beyond me.

  12. Hey there, nice blog! I remember watching that AP Exquisite break and I thought finally Upper Deck went way too far, and the response by folks who liked Beckett finally had it with the loaded breaks. That is an indictment on the card companies. Beckett at this point has to know it's wrong and they should be just as outraged, but they are just a bunch of turds. I remember complaining about their new website on a complaint thread, their response was essentially YOU don't understand, this is the future, watch 8 videos and you'll get it. They are doing poorly though, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  13. OK, This former employee. We really need to know your name and history with Beckett. If what you say is true it adds incredible leverage to the arguments Gellman, Stalegum, Wax Heaven and myself have been pointing out.

  14. Gellman, I have to disagree with you on this one. I stood by you on the Exquisite scam, but this one, I have to disagree. I recently watched this guy named Acecards or something like that bust a case of this stuff. He got so many good things. Pete Rose and FDR to name 2.

  15. You should calm down. With your weight problem, it's only a matter of time before the heart attack comes.

    What? You pooped in the refridgerator? And you ate a whole wheel of cheese?

    Im not even mad... Thats amazing!

  16. You should calm down. With your weight problem, it's only a matter of time before the heart attack comes.

    10 bucks says thats a Texas IP

  17. I have spoken with Mr Gray for my blogand gotta tell you, the guy is not on the up and up anything he can do to pimp his product, he has done!

  18. Ah yes, the Dick Cheney defense. If you can win on the facts you argue the facts, if you can't win on the fact then you argue the law, if you can't win on either of those, you attack the other person.

    Beckett knows they can't defend themselves with substance so they attack Gellman. I'm not sure if that school yard taunt was from those at Beckett or not, maybe it was one of their price guide bible chronies?

  19. Michael, that is exactly why I wouldnt put it past him.

    Ill tell you, after all they have done, you guys are sure quick to forgive and forget. I think its quite appropriate to cast a shadow of doubt on all these things, especially when the product features Beckett slabs, and is hand delivered to the box breakers by the president of the company.

  20. Gray has really circled the wagons with the viral marketing. I don't think it really matters (at least now) if manufacturers send beckett loaded boxes because the vast majority of people who watch those videos won't think anything is wrong and be more inclined to buy the product.

    And by "vast majority" I mean people just getting back into collecting, 18-35 years old or so who remember beckett and therefore go there first to read up about the current market, people that would probably find this and other blogs eventually but not before most of their buying decisions are primarily beckett influenced.

    So if you want to tap into that uneducated new collector with money to burn demographic beckett is your place.

    Or I could be completely wrong and talking out of my ass

  21. Interesting - both your response and the response of the commenters. I didn't know anyone used Beckett as a card buyer until my local hobby shop owner offered to sell me cards at "half" Beckett because I was a loyal wax buyer. Haven't been in there since.

  22. After I started reading this blog at the beginning of 2008, I stopped buying any Beckett products and stopped going by "book value." It's obvious how crooked these guys are and I agree with Gellman... their arrogance about it is as sickening as the acts themselves.