Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Wild Journey It Has Been - 500 / 50,000

Two milestones we have been approaching here over the last few weeks are rapidly approaching and have passed. The first milestone is the 500 post mark, which we passed on friday. I am wholly shocked by that number, and I appreciate all the help I have gotten from Will, Charlie, and Holy Hitter. Over the last 7 or so months, we really have accomplished a lot here, and I know things are only going to get better. I was conspiring with Mario a few months ago about putting together a bloggers forum where people could post their own thoughts and not just listen to me on my soapbox, and that still may be a reality if there is a show of support/time I can spend on things. I have also started posting my own collection for all, and that will continue, as well as maybe getting some trading started as well. Lastly, I can assure you that this dog is far from losing its fight, and my crusades, plural, will also gain some steam with some massive news coming in a few weeks, I would expect.

Also, we are about to fly past the 50,000 visitor mark here in a day or two, and that is nuts. The awesome thing about that 50,000 is that most people dont come from random searches or people looking for pictures online, they come from actual searches of the site's name and of course, other blogs. The result is that people spend more time looking around, and that leads to more people, and more blogs. I have even seen the average time spent on the site at 4 minutes plus one week earlier last month. Thanks to all of you who have made this site a success with your visits, it has been a pleasure having you around.

Lastly, thank you to all the people who supported the Diabetes walk this past weekend, it was a rainy success. I thank you for your help and well spent cash. There are a lot of us out there who spend money needlessly on cards when we could help people who really need it.

Remember, if we can accomplish all this in 7 months, what can we do with double that time? I promise you, it will be worth the wait... bwahahahaha.


  1. Congratulations, Gellman. You deserve all those big numbers and many more!!!

    I remember finding your blog at the old Beckett board and your post being deleted because it was considered "SPAM".

  2. Congrats on all of the accomplishments. I really enjoy reading your blog and your opinions.