Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tightening the Vice

After the events of the last few days have transpired, its been like Christmas a month early for me. Whether its the storied history of creditless facebiting by Beckett's Chris Olds off of blogs like this one, Fielder's Choice, Trader's Cracks, etc, Mario stealing back, and now the removal of Mario from the Beckett "Circle of Trust," I think its time to recognize that maybe those douchebags arent the number one authority anymore. I knew and publicized this fact the minute SCU was born, but now its even more public and grown beyond just me.

What does Beckett do to respond? Do they reach out and try to invite others in to show that things are finally heading in a better direction? Do they finally admit that they are about as in touch with the hobby as my 87 year old grandma? No. They dont. Instead they continue to copy and paste blogosphere-wide, and call in every favor they have with their Bosom Buddies like DLP Baseball, DLP football, and Topps Baseball and Football. This is where the Prime Cuts, the National Treaures and the 2009 Topps exclusive previews came from.

I am fucking elated because not only do we see that they are circling the drain (much rejoicing), but they are no longer afraid to show that they are flailing around trying to grab on to something like a dog running on a linoleum floor. Sources from the sphere have told me that they have gone around calling everyone in the hobby and crying like little 4 year old girls to give them exclusives that are now being shown all over the blogs.

People like UD have obviously stopped dealing with Beckett and refuse to send them any more boxes, and so far the exclusives have been slim. Mario, on the other hand has reaped the benefits (much rejoicing), and now Beckett is pisssssssed.

All I have to say is that what goes around comes around you souless douchebags. You hold yourself with arrogance and conceitedness, and you end up fucked. Exactly what you deserve. Its not eBay or blogs that are your problem, its the way you have handled every situation. People in the INDUSTRY (not blogs) have used the language "fucking retards" when describing Beckett, that they are the "dorky kid your mom forces you to play with" and I agree. Again, this is from people in the INDUSTRY, not people like me.

Keep on burning those bridges and we can see where you end up.

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  1. Well, you kind of missed something wheeler, the exlcusive train has been stopping everywhere but beckett, and they are feeling left out. So they went crying to everyone to give them stuff, and thats where Prime Cuts, National Treasures, and all the rest of the exclusives have come from. They wont admit to that, but I have some amazing sources that I trust.

    Sorry, I accidentally rejected your comment.

  2. What is insane about the situation is that the card companies are still on their side and only their side. Say what you will about Upper Deck but they have embraced Bloggers and to an extent, so has Razor.

    Topps & Donruss on the other hand, have not. After Beckett got their exclusive from Donruss I went and made three long distance calls (including to someone's cell phone) in charge of public relations to state my case that Beckett is not the only one around these days and I was ignored. I also sent an email and still nothing.

    What's crazy is that I obviously upset them in some way and forced their hand because since my U.D exclusive (which I never revealed my source), they have gone on to post like five exclusives which they obviously had to kiss ass to get and have not reported Upper Deck 2009 even though it is now a public sell sheet. Vindictive, much?

    I miss the days of Brandon Cacek, who was a true good guy at Beckett. Unfortunately, he got shit canned and instead they brought in a major douche named Chris Olds who has created a term (To pull A Chris Olds). The guy would rather respond with his resume than to express his true feelings.

    Sadly, my real beef is not with Beckett but the card companies who have refused to give Bloggers the credit they deserve. I really don't see Topps or Donruss changing their ways anytime soon.

  3. See the card companies are misinformed and that is why they have given out the info. They dont see the backlash of what Beckett does, and so they think they are just getting free advertising. Personally, I love UD for their stance on future involvement with Beckett, but I think DLP and Topps are too disconnected to see that. Believe it or not, all the problems with UD in the past have clued them in that Beckett is far from the list of people they should be talking to.

  4. "dorky kid your mom forces you to play with"

    Oh, man that is too perfect. You know that the companies feel like they have to deal with Beckett or the book value will go down in retaliation. You know they have to play nice, or Beckett will tell on them.

    I almost spit out my coke. Too funny.

  5. I thought it was funny too. When I heard it, I couldn’t think of a better analogy for the situation. Glad to see the sphere is not the only people to think poorly of Beckett.

  6. You couldn't be more out of touch and full of yourself.

  7. Im not going touch that one, although im sure there are quite a few people that agree with you. Im perfectly fine with that, I agree I am not for everyone.

  8. Have to admit, I do use Beckett's website (Just wrote a blog entry about it), but they are woefully out of touch. Unfortunately, as long as the card companies only go to them, we have little recourse on dealing with the situation.

    Unlike you guys, I don't have Topps/Donruss/Beckett/et al looking at my blog. ;)

  9. houstoncollector said:
    "Unlike you guys, I don't have Topps/Donruss/Beckett/et al looking at my blog. ;)"

    You'd be surprised. My little piss ant blog that gets less than 30 visits a day has been visited by Beckett. Do you use visitor tracking software? Now that you've posted about Beckett, they will visit although they may not comment.

    BTW: Glad to see Houston card blogs on the web... Yours primarily addressing the pros. Mine with the UH Cougars. We'll corner the Houston blogging market until some Rice geek shows up.