Thursday, November 6, 2008

08 Leaf Limited - Boxes Have Arrived

Hey guys boxes have arrived and so the trade between penguin101 and cardboard addiction will be the last. I will be busting and videotaping the boxes over my lunch break and then will be doing all the uploading/posting later tonight.

Hope these are great boxes.....

***Update: Pay Attention for the videos/scans tonight........THE STREAK OF BAD BREAKS HAS ENDED***


  1. That Update is going to eat me alive. I always go into these things expecting the worst, now I can't help but to expect the best.

    A second crushing defeat in one week may be too much for me to handle.


  2. C'mon, big cards for me! :P

  3. I will take my Felix Jones 1/1 auto nfl logo patch now please :)