Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Im Not Sure I Trust This...

The Exquisite Peterson 1/1 rare materials is up again, and I remember seeing it before when it was posted on the message boards. Its obviously a nice card, and the signature on it is definitely unique, but there is something missing that I remember being an issue.

When it was pulled, I recall there being a pretty dinged up bottom edge, and a really bad back of the card ding. Normally on a 1/1, I would say "who cares, its a 1/1!", but I think this was dinged enough for it to be a problem. The seller may have gotten the card replaced, but I think I would need to see all the edges of the card before I would even think of dropping 3 grand on this (I, of course, do not have the money).

On a side note, the pic on this card is ridiculous, I cant believe they picked it for the 1/1. Here is how I read it:

Ok, Mr. Peterson, we still need a few more shots, I know this has been a long day. Can you give me one more really sweet pic of you in your "game face?" No? Ok, lets try you just looking anything less than completely annoyed with me. No? How about taking off the helmet and giving me a goofy smile like Topps does? No? Ok, well, I guess this will have to do. I hate my job.

Also, I would think that over the next few weeks and months, there will be a boom of highly expensive cards as people's economic security drops with the Dow Jones. Oddly enough, the Mauer bat barrell from 08 premier just popped up too, but there is no way I will win that with the known number of people gunning for it. Plus, its a black barrell, which he hasnt used in at least 3 years, if ever - wierd.


  1. People who are buying these cards are not affected by the Dow Jones. Unless they are retiring this year. The world is not ending, people just need to try to quit keeping up with the Jone's. For example, The variable rate mortgage problem is the buyers fault. They knew it was variable and were supposed to refinance after 3 years. What happened they got fat and maxed out their credit on toys, pools, new cars etc. Then they go to the bank ro refi the home and the debt to income ratio is horrible and are stuck. This whole economy issue is laughable at best and a copout for most except the seniors wo are suffering for a newer generations mistakes. My 401k is down 50%. WHo cares I do not plan on using it for another 30 years. People need to be patient. Unless you are losing your job the economy is not affecting you. Most the people who complain about it have no idea about real bills raisng kids, mortgage, college for kids. The economy is hurting people that have shaky credit and the banks have higher requirements now. Like people buying cars. No more bad credit no problem dealerships. You best have paid your bills anything lower then 675 credit score is not getting you anything in this world except a 30% credit card approval.
    Oops soapbox broke I just spent 800 on a B Marshall NFL logo auto lol. Damn the economy could not hold up my f'ing box.

  2. I forgot so sign the above rant
    -wheeler281 :)
    Hope we get a sick break tonight! Come on DP throw out the word MOJO LOL