Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Look: 2008 Playoff National Treasures Football

I have the sell sheet for Playoff National Treasures and I didnt need to go crying to DLP to get it. Plus, the cards on the sell sheet are more than 50% pen pals, so we can actually see what the majority of the set will look like instead of a few logo cards and a bunch we have already seen.

Anyways, these super dee duper double secret exclusive non-cry cards are pretty much exactly what we got last year with some more color. That is not a criticism, as last year was great, but lacking in cards that stood out from the group. Call it the sports card cheerleader effect, as together they all look amazing, but individually they usually are just 'nice' (For those of you who do not watch "HIMYM," please google it to find out). This year, with the color added to most of the cards, I think it can be pretty cool. I will say, I really think the vertical base cards and subsequent parallels are going to suuuuuuuck.

Some new developments - 3 boxes to a case instead of 6, dual logo cards for the RCs, and a few more parallels of everything (yay...).

Based on the revamp that Exquisite is getting this year, I would expect it to blow NT out of the water in sales (as it has for 3 years). That is a problem, as I think NT is a better break than Exquisite has ever been, but some people dont like high end unless it has the UD symbol on it.

Since I have not heard back from Gregg regarding the specific details on the new Exquisite, or why the cocksucking douches at Beckett are receiving boxes again, I will have to get back to you guys.



  1. It's cool I guess. I still like the antique look of the first year. If they could have mixed that with last years design, I think it could look really neat.

    And haven't we pretty much cut up every jersey Franco Harris has ever worn by now? If not, then we are very close.


  2. How disappointing. When NT came out it was a really unique product. Now its virtually indistinguishable from other DLP stuff.

  3. Hopefullly all on card autos this year...