Monday, October 13, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 6

I seriously thought the season was over with about 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter. If you lose to the Lions, at home, without Jon Kitna, you dont deserve to continue playing. Its that simple. Luckily the Vikings were able to pull off another sloppy win, and I am content but not happy.

Offensive Line

What the fuck is up with these disabled sloth asses? They give up 4 sacks in the first half to a Lions defense with one named player? I seriously couldnt name anyone else on the defense except for Ernie Sims. Add that and you have some tight running room for Peterson, which led to a 3-2 halftime score. Not all their fault, but its close.

Adrian Peterson

An okay week this week with 25 for 111. Still no long runs for him and two huge fumbles that cut very deep into the jugular, and it is barely a week worth talking about. Im not sure what else you can say except to hold onto the fucking football.

Kevin Williams

After this game, he is now the leader in the clubhouse for the role of the monster in Cloverfield 2. It was expected that the D would have a huge game, but 4 sacks is mammoth. Wow.


Great game by the defense. Great fucking game with no answer of help from the other side of the ball to seal things for them. If you hold a team to 10 points you should win on more than just a last second FG. I love watching these guys play, and they are the only reason the Vikings are still even close to being in it.

Bernard Berrian

You are off my shit list. That 86 yarder was amazing, and I think its finally time to dispell the bust free agent talk with two great games in a row. He has created a lot for this offense, and I dont think its the same team without his explosiveness.

Gus Frerotte

He played pretty good, but not nearly as well as he should have. If you dont throw for 300 and 2 TDs against the Lions, its not as good as you should have done. Plus that interception and fumble were quite costly. He got very lucky, and if I were him, I would be thanking the football gods tonight.

Personally, I cant fucking believe that the Vikings are tied for first. Atlanta should have lost and the Vikings should have too. Next week you truck into Chicago with one of the most important games of the year. Their defense continues to be as good as the Vikings', so you better bring next week.

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