Monday, October 20, 2008

Value Bumps: Week 7

This was the Running Back week of champions. Either you did your job to everyone's wildest expectations, or you died trying. I had a fun time this week, but I think we finally get a picture of the elite and the chumps for the year.

Chris Johnson

If ROY was decided today, he is it - hands fucking down. He had a huge-mungous week, and helped his boys continue the undefeated surprise. Granted, it was against the Chiefs, but the overall body of work has been impressive on a VERY surprisingly good Titans team.


LenDale White

White has found a niche with the Titans as well, as he is their version of Marion Barber from 2007. If Johnson is the Lightning, he is the fucking Rhinoceros, Thunder is weak. He had a huge game too, and even broke off an 80 yarder. Wow, TD leader indeed.


Derek Anderson

After a great fucking season last year, he has had a shitstain season this year. I wasnt expecting much, but it seems like the computers were as they drafted him for me as the QB for all my fantasy teams. BITCHES. Either way, dump his crap and start buying Quinn at rock bottom prices.


Reggie Bush

He is injured again? Man, this golden draft class is getting a golden shower. After last week's big bump, he is heading in the wrong direction again. Its really too bad, as I know A LOT of people are still sitting, albeit stupidly, on his stuff. Can we please give up on him value wise now, im exhausted with him.


Ben Roethlisberger

What a great season he is having. He may actually live up to some of the value he has built up just for being the Steeler's QB. I say that with a 5-1 team and no more New England, he could go far with the Chargers being crap.


Darren McFadden

He gets a bye week to heal up, he gets a nice test of ability, and comes up way short. Of course, they won, but his value continues to drop. I said he wouldnt accomplish much at the beginning of the year, and it looks closer and closer to being true. If you bought in high, you are going to really feel it if he fucks himself even more. Yet, people are missing the point - its never a good idea to enter at the top level and hope for the best.


Clinton Portis

This guy is FINALLY turning it on for the skins. Huge week for him, and he is the frontrunner of all the RBs for the year. Too bad he is doing it in the toughest division in football. He will start getting his bump this week, and if he continues, it could be big.


Possible Bumps for Next Week:

Jonathan Stewart: If he can put up a big game versus AZ, expect big things.
Clinton Portis: Detroit? Cmon.
The Entire NY Jets Team: You better win, or things are going to get ugly
Chris Johnson: Playing Indy on Monday night? Nice place for a show!
Matty Ice: If Ryan wins against Philly, his values will spike considerably


  1. I'm a Redskins fan, but I swear it seems like everybody has Portis on their fantasy team. People know the kind of quality and consistency he can bring, his cards just aren't insanely expensive like other peoples'. (and lets keep it that way.)

  2. WTF! No Forte? I thought his performance was neutral given expectations going into a Minn. Defense.

  3. Felix Jones -vs- Darren McFadden. The beginning of the year, NOBODY would have taken Felix. Felix is hands down better than McFadden and I look forward to him running for the Cowboys for many years to come.

  4. I'm happy with Jacobs in my fantasy league, another 2 TDs.

    There were quite a few RBs doing great things yesterday...