Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfection is No Longer Untouchable

The 1972 Dolphins are no longer the only undefeated team. Regardless of what Mercury Morris, Senile Cokehead Douchebag Extraordinaire, says, the New England team did exactly what they did. They may not have won the Superbowl, but that is semantics. For those of you who have missed Mercury Morris' incessant and nonsensical bragging about the team he was on, I am questioning if you have ever watched anything related to football.

Up until now, I have thought that the conceded assholes were only limited to the team itself...

...I was wrong.

Thanks to this wonderful, smart and relentless collector, you can have a "set" of the starting offense and defense of the team. He was even nice enough to throw in the punter and kicker for you. Think the fact that Mike Kolen never had a card produced would stop this gentleman of the geriatrics from putting him in this "never seen" set? Nope, you get a stamp. I am putting in my offer of 25 large later today. I hope I win!!


  1. It sometimes amazes me how stupid people can be on eBay. I wish eBay had a governing body who would actually LOOK at the auctions and pull them down if they were completely inane.

  2. i think it's great that the guy lists his phone number in the auction. maroon.

  3. That's the greatest and saddest auction I have ever seen.

    He must make a lot of money in his job. That's the only way I can figure someone selling a set for $3.00 and the man hour it took to put it together for $54,997.

  4. Semantics my ass. I never have liked the Dolphins (even living in Miami) but they are the only "Perfect" team in the NFL.