Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The First Shoeless Joe Jackson Relic Sells For $500 On eBay

In case you werent excited for Donruss Threads baseball, the first card of Joe Jackson in a long time, and first "legal" card in forever, will be included. This story was broken here.

Anyways, the first Bat relic from Shoeless Joe has been up and sold on eBay for a cent under $500. I think the person could have gotten a little more for it being the first one, and being from a new set, but that is still a pretty high sum.

I am excited for this set, and I am definitely of the ilk that says Joe Jackson should never have been part of that scandal.

Regardless of what you think, check it out here.


  1. I would rather pay 1500 for the Arod/Cyndi ball then 500 for that garbage. What waste of cardboard. I think that set is horrible

  2. As an owner of the, up till now only Shoeless Joe bat card, from 2001 SP Legendary Cuts, I am selfishly unhappy that these cards are making their way to market. Simple supply and demand.
    The only good thing is that the bat piece on the new card is about a 1/3rd the size of SP

  3. I posted this comment on another blog regarding a dispute over the old Joe Jackson bat card and the new one released by Donruss:

    I had the unique opportunity to purchase the 2001 SP Legendary Cuts Joe Jackson a while ago for a paultry $100. At that time, Upper Deck hadn't yet come under fire from the MLBPA regarding having produced the card despite Jackson's ban from baseball. Even though Donruss has produced their own Joe Jackson bat cards, in my mind, they will be much less valuable in the long run because of the history and scarcity behind the 2001 Legendary Cuts version. When the good people from the MLBPA did take action against Upper Deck, the production run was halted, which gives this card such a unique past. Now that Donruss has started to saturate the market with all of these new Joe Jackson cards (1 in Threads, several in Prime Cuts IV, etc.), I feel as though the Donruss versions will, in the long run, suffer. In the end, the original Legendary Cuts Jackson will be seen as the sought after holy grail (or dare I say, "rookie") Shoeless Joe Jackson memorabilia card.