Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Week, But Not Really?

This week, there are quite a few releases from the big three, but really, is it worth your time with any of these products? I know that money is tight right now, but I am sure you guys are curious to know what is happening with these.

Bowman Football HTAs and Regulars

If you touch these at all, I am saying that you have to wait at least 3-4 months. I say this because they contain close to NOTHING worth your time. It seems like Topps is putting this crap out just to appease a small remaining pocket of set collectors, or because they have an extra spot they couldnt fill with more crap like '08 Letterman. At least this year, they have supposedly added a Bowman RC Premiere auto, yet, the chase is not worth the result.

In January these will go for 30 bucks a box for the HTAs, so dont waste your dwindling cash supply on this crap.

Topps Letterman Football

I explained awhile ago that "abortion" does not even begin to describe how awful this product will be. I dont even need to see if they actually had the balls to put sticker autos on manufactured letters to say that this product will beat Paradigm as the worst high end product of all time. If you even think of buying this crap, head down to your local tattoo parlor, strap yourself to a chair and get "idiot" inked on your forehead. At least that way, people will have a good idea of what to expect before they talk to you.

Upper Deck Masterpieces

I love the paintings in this product. It looks like time was actually spent on them, which is a shocker these days. Its a great idea with beautiful cards, and even though the auto checklist will not be worth the box break, however, the base cards should be worth it.

Leaf Limited

Limited was one of my favorite products of last year because of the format and the content. No excess of base cards (PLUS), cool design for the RC autos (PLUS), GAME USED lettermen (PLUS), nice checklist (PLUS). This year they changed from the "tinned" format to the pack format which sucks fucking ass, and the price has gone up too. Luckily the content should be the same, but I would maybe see a few box breaks before wasting your money.

Basically, after thinking about all this for a while, it comes down to a pretty simple fact:


People may have a voluntary ban on Topps, but my ban is definitely all their fault. If their products didnt suck, I would think about buying them. Wow.


  1. I can only agree, I have never understood how people can break stuff like Topps, Press Pass, Fleer, Sage or Bowman. Maybe buy a single of someone you collect but that's it, I really hate those products.

    Man I was so pissed when I saw what they did to Leaf Limited. I love LL and 07 was perhaps better than ever before. LL was without a doubt the best product of 07, and now they go and change the format to be like every other product, WTF???

    I wonder what's their reasoning behind this, I mean the product was amazingly good. Didn't it sell well enough last year, I would have guessed it sold well. Most people I've heard from love LL 07, can't recall any1 saying they hate it.

    I'm going to wait to see some breaks before I give 08 LL a chance. I might not buy it at all, if people stop buying it they should go back to 07 format for next year.