Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vikings Recap: Week 4

Man, it is really tough being a Vikings fan when you keep being forced to watch crap like the Tennessee game. It is becoming painfully obvious that as long as Childress is running things we are never going to be competitive unless we have Favre, Brady, or Manning at the helm. Yes, its that bad. Here is what I saw:

Adrian Peterson

Can we get this guy some help? Childress is going to kill this guy because he cant figure out how to run a successful and creative offense. Dont listen to the coordinators for play calls, no, that would be too easy. Just send AD up the middle and he will be gone by week 10. He is already banged up, and yet its still the same fucking shit over and over. Luckily he is good enough to make something out of nothing, which is the sign of an elite back, yet Childress is an idiot so he will never get much more.


We are completely out coached every single week. Childress has such a messiah complex that he cant delegate properly and thinks he can be Andy Reid. Im sorry, but Childress is short half a team and the creative half of his brain when it comes to Reid. Of course, Childress doesnt get this, so he runs at the wrong time and passes at the wrong-er times. He needs to pull his head out of Ragnar's ass and let the coordinators run their respective teams. Its not the end of the world, but it will be if you continue to suck more than a hooker at a political fundraiser.


You cant really blame them because they were never given much to work with. It seemed like every turnover was inside our 20, and you can only stop so many goal line offenses. Especially with White and Johnson. I dont blame our defense for the loss.


I blame the offense for our loss - nothing new. You cant turn the ball over 4 times and expect to win. I dont know why we got fumbulitis all of a sudden, but the ball came out at all the wrong times, and yes, I know there really isnt a right time.


Not an awful game, but not a good game either. When your primary receivers still havent had a 100 yard game, you have problems. Stop throwing to Bobby Wade and Shiancoe and start making Peterson, Berrian and Rice your men. Maybe disregard some of the calls coming to you from the sidelines. That would help a lot.

Thats about all I want to talk about this week, but be rest assured there will be more next week when we get destroyed by the Saints.

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  1. How about that helmet shot in the balls Frerotte took? Oy