Tuesday, September 30, 2008

UPDATE on Idiot Trade From Yesterday

So the guy has the cards and is going to send them to me today with delivery confirmation. It was a "mistake" and the cards went into the wrong package. After reading his feedback about sending shit in bad packaging, I have requested he send in "adequate cases with tape" so things dont fall out. Lets see what happens.

Here is my take:

He traded cards he didnt have, so he sent crap to make sure that I didnt question him. Then, by the time I got whatever he was sending, he would have the cards. I checked through his other ongoing transactions, there is nothing even close to what I got, so its not a case of getting a package meant for someone else. He collects Romo, so I am sure he had tons of this shit lying around.

Basically, I now have to return these cards at a cost to me, and wait another few days for cards I should have already had in my possession by now. God dammit, I hate stupid people, I hate scammers, and I hate people who pose as something they are not, but at least I should get the cards I was supposed to get. Ill keep you updated.

UPDATE x2: Here is his new complaint, "How come we were both supposed to send out on the same day, but yet i have not got my card yet? You got my package but where's your's? I'm wondering about you. Care to explain?"

I am ready to take a piece of paper over to my fiancee, who is sick with the flu, have her wipe her ass with it, stick it in an envelope and send it over. Instead, I scanned the label with the date sent on it and PMed it to him. Hopefully he realizes that I am ready to attack him with a flaming chainsaw of death.

UPDATE x3: "Unlike you , i had 14 trades going out. A simple mistake, i admitted i messed up, that's what MEN do when they mess up. I told you i would take care of it the next day, which i did. So there should be no more complaining. If you messed up, i would expect you to fix it when you could. You just need to understand things happen. Just like the post office isn't your fault, it's not but things happen. Enough with the complaining and crying to the mods. I told you i would take care of it first thing in the morning and i did, and i was also communicating with you to. Let it go. "

Urge to kill... rising..... rising.... RISING...

Voluntarheel, the guy should be easy to figure out, but I am not going to plaster his name all over here because people will go harassing him. I have given enough info for you to catch on.


  1. I did the research and found him. He wanted to buy from me on Saturday on SCForum. I luckily sold to someone else before he got back to me.

    I will check there later to see if he had a similar trade. But mistaking the cards would mean that your cards went somewhere else, wouldn't it?

    Someone should tell him that "MEN" also know their limits, and apparantly his is 13 trades. Oh and "MEN" also capitalize their I's.


  2. I feel your pain. I just spent $58 shipped on a card (ebay) that was damaged when it arrived. It was not caused in transit but it was damaged when sold, yet nothing about it in the auction. The person who sold it has several hundreds and 100% positive feedback. Could have been a honest misstake and I e-mailed asking him/her how we could work it out.

    What are my options here? The damage was that in the NFL writing around the 3 patches the inner part of the F is loose and about to fall off the card. Without knowing about what to look for it's very hard to spot in the auction photo, but knowing I can see it.

    If he/she offers me a partial refund, what do you think is fair? The card is probably worth nothing or close to it being damaged. I would like a full refund but if that isn't possible should I try for a partial refund or should I file a claim with Paypal?

    Any advice appreciated.

  3. I would tell your story and request to send the card back for the refund. If they refuse, start a claim with paypal.

  4. Heel- he is just an arrogant bag of suck. I hope I get my cards in good condition. Otherwise, he will be getting a call from my brother in PA. I know where he lives...