Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tales From TWGM: How Not To Do 1/1s

From time to time, I like to peruse the high price listings of the card section of TWGM just so I can find comedic hobby gold. I warn you, stupidity is to follow. I dont even think the guys who sell this stuff are Coe Jollectors because they seem to be even dumberererer than that. Either way, I bring you...

*cue ominous music*


People, in this episode, I want to explore 1/1s, the bane of eBay's existence. I have talked endlessly about grading 1/1s, what are and are not 1/1s, and other aspects of 1/1s, but today I want to talk about some of the worst of them.

First, I want to talk about this chase pull out of Triple Threads that hits the block once every six months. Its an eye-abortion and could be the worst use of a signed Mantle ball ever. They cut off the hide of the ball and had Arod and Wright sign it too. Why Arod and Wright? I have no fucking clue, and it takes away from everything that is good about this card. So, not only do you have three autographs on a baseball sweet spot (*puke*), but you have it in the form of a holofoil triple threads card (Awful). Hey, at least it wasnt a cut with two silver topps stickers.

NOTE: Is anyone else REALLY glad that Topps never got the chance for Mick to sign those awful stickers? Yeah, me too.

Either way, this guy wants a TON of money for this eyesore. People, sometimes you just need to set it at .99 cents and let it go. This guy didnt get the memo.

Next we have a Roberto Clemente 1/1 out of sport kings. Despite having each card in a top loader - bravo - this card is complete bag o' crap. Because its Clemente, lets call it Senor Bag o' Crap. Now, was this card some special bat name plate? No. Was it a logo patch from the jersey? No. Was it a cut auto? No. It is a manufactured Sport Kings logo patch. Yuck, who thinks of this shit? My favorite thing here: look at how much this assface wants for the card. Fuck that!

Lastly is this new generation of "1/1s" where the seller tries to pawn off a grade population 1 card as a 1/1 because no one else has a card listed at this grade. That is fucking bullshit. Its almost as lame as a guy who says his card is a 1/1 because the jersey swatch in it cannot be replicated in another card. Wow, talk about a reach, this is as far as you can get, especially because of the number of cards like this produced.

People, lets think before auctioning - people arent THIS stupid.


  1. About the last card (Brady): I wonder where this guy came up with the "most people threw them away or took poor care of them" crap. What the hell is he talking about? I treated every card I had, from Don Mattingly to Ken Schrom, like gold and I've never thrown a card away. I doubt I'm in the minority.

    What crazy world does this guy live in that people just willy nilly throw cards away or use them to wipe their ass when players don't immediately make the pro-bowl? This guy is nuts.

  2. Speaking of bullshit 1/1's, have you seen the blank back topps cards on ebay? they did it for base topps and now for a&g, and it is beyond stupid. Topps sells the cards from their ebay store with a starting bid of $10 plus $5 shipping. and the only reason these piece of shit cards are "1/1's" is cause topps chose to not print the backs. and they aren't even put in packs- they are sold directly by topps. unbelievable.

    and i also saw this auction where a guy was trying to pass of an a-rod co-signers insert as a 1/1 cause it was numbered 19/75, arods birth year. give me a break- no one cares about that shit.

    it feels good to get that out :)

  3. It's a crime to do that to a Mantle card/ball. I wish PayRod and Wright would have had sense enough to say no... they aren't signing over top of Mickey Mantel!