Friday, September 26, 2008

Stupid Graded Cards: Volume 28

Can someone please tell me why in fucking god would you grade this card? Do you have a nice hamburger mush where your brain should be? Lets go over why you took a fucking awesome card and made it worth half of what it should be:

- Card was encased in Topps holder, you removed it (decrease in value)
- Card was uncirculated, that is null now (decrease in value)
- Card was sent to Beckett despite all of the above (possible increase in value)
- Card was graded a fucking 9 (comedic decrease in value)
- One would be unable to restore the above if they crack the case (Awful harsh reality)

Im serious, there is ZERO point in grading a card that is numbered less than 10. There is even less of a point for grading a card that is already encased in a holder when you got it. If the card is worth more than 600 dollars, it wont be worth more when you grade it, especially if there are only 10 to grade overall. Here are the rules:

Never grade 1/1s
Never grade cards worth more than 600 dollars
Never grade cards you know wont grade 9.5
Never grade cards that are from super high end sets
Never grade base cards from sets past 1990
Never grade cards that wont increase the value past the price of grading
Never grade low numbered cards
Never grade uncirculated cards

Im sure there are more, but thats all I can think of right now. God, some people are fucking dumb, and even if you are new, its still easy to see why grading that Peterson is not a good idea.


  1. So in other words, just don't grade cards.

  2. Hey, if you have a vintage card or some chrome rookie that everyone grades, fine, go ahead.

    People automatically think that grading the card will increase the value, but in most cases that isnt true. The case is ugly and unless it is a 9.5, people wont pay more.

  3. I have an incoming SP Authentic Sign of the times 2000 (his rookie year) Plaxigo Burress graded 9 with the Auto graded to 10.

    I'm actually thinking of cracking it, if it's possible without hurting the card. The case is way ugly, I don't get it why they can't at least have some nice looking plastic for the graded cards.

  4. Here is what I would do: I would put the graded card in a case just bigger than the card - they can even use the same type of plastic. Then instead of having that tab sticking out of the top, they should have all that info on the back. That way, I could display the card normally.

  5. At first I thought what is wrong with grading an AP AU, then after reading on and realising it was an uncirculated card, that seems mad to crack it out of it's orginal case!! I have a Jay Cutler Topps uncirculated, which looks great in the case with a nice Topps seal. Why anyone would take it out to just put it into another plastic case is beyond me!!

  6. Last January I started a collection of Aaron Rodgers auto rookie cards. So far I have 15. The issue that I have is with: Rodgers 2005 Topps Chrome X-FRACTOR Auto 348/399 and Rodgers 2005 Topps Prestine Uncirculated Auto 17/20. I personally like the topps cases. However, the previous owners of these cards didn't care for the condition of these cases and they have numerous scratches on them. It is more of an eyesore than anything. In addition the space inside of the cases could fit probably about a 100pt card. It seems that Topps didn't consider the thickness of the cards when encasing them. Not a big deal. I just don't like it when cases are too large for the cards in them. Especially when the cards inside of them are very nice.

    I am more than likely going to leave them in the cases. I am just wondering if anyone knows what the exact depreciation is when breaking the seal and taking uncirculated cards out of their cases.