Friday, September 26, 2008

Housekeeping: Random Crap

Here are some things I have been thinking about:

I finally had some money to spend on myself, so I decided that rather than buying a card I would actually want and keep for a long time, I was going to break a box of Absolute that will not contain even half of the value I paid for it.

Box will be coming on monday or tuesday, so be sure to check out my complete and utter destruction by wax when I bust this.

On another note, a big thank you to Alan who took it upon himself to send me a package containing a Michael Bennett auto'ed jersey from fleer. Bennett isnt a great player, but the old jersey is cool and it was above and beyond what I expected. Thank you!

Also, I have been thinking of creating an SCU Breaks logo, but I suck at it. You can see my work at the top of the page and the Vikings recap logo I have for that. If you are better and want to create a banner size logo for SCU breaks, I would love that, and I would send you some stuff from your sport. Please dont be offended if I dont use it, I am looking for something awesome. If you want to throw in a redesigned general SCU banner you will get major points here if it rocks.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who have sent in stuff to cover or help with stuff I have already covered. I have had no shortage of funny shit to look at, and it has really helped to suck the boring out of the work week.


  1. I'm a Graphic Designer by day and I might be able to find some free time to help you out with your logo/banner. Can you provide me with any further direction? Do you want it themed around your favorite teams or anything? Should the text just read "SCU Breaks" or could it be some other variation like "Box Breaks by SCU" or something. Thanks!

  2. I would like it to say SCU Breaks, but the rest is up to you.

    If you want to make a banner for the website in general, I am more than happy to look at that too. Mine is crap.

  3. In the immortal words of Mic Foley, "Feel my pain. FEEL MY PAIN!"