Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Randomizer Video and Team Listing

Team Listing For Reference (all have paid):

1. Gellman - Lions, 49ers
2. Sean - Steelers, Patriots
3. Voluntarheel - Eagles, Rams, Titans, Chiefs
4. GlvSv37 - Seahawks, Bucs, Bills, Packers
5. Russ - Giants, Panthers, Texans, Redskins
6. geomon - Cowboys, Vikings, Bears, Bengals
7. sam.nads - Raiders, Chargers
8. Motherscratcher - Jets, Jaguars, Dolphins, Colts
9. Verredog - Broncos, Browns
10. Pureitalian - Falcons, Cardinals
11. Justin - Ravens, Saints

Box will be ordered tomorrow for Thursday delivery. Stay tuned!


  1. Giants, Packers and Skins. 3 great historical teams. I'm hoping for a Bart Starr, Favre, Riggins, Green LT, Phil Simms. I'll be really really happy with any of those.

  2. Oh and I have the Panthers not the packers after watching the video

  3. Yeah, some people, *cough* geomon *cough*, got some really nice teams.

  4. Can you say, ALLDAY-JO!!!!!11111one?

  5. it's ok. Got my hopes up for that Starr auto. But give me an LT hotel used cocaine card and I'll be fine.

  6. At the risk of sounding like the idiot that doesn't understand how these things work...I don't know how these things work. Do you get whatever players are from the teams you got assigned?

  7. Yes, so if a card is pulled of a player from one of the teams you have, you get that card.

    FYI everyone, it is team pictured on the card, not current team.

    Packers get Favre, not jets.

  8. "Packers get Favre, not jets."

    I strenuously object.

    Move to reconsider.

  9. Due to the absolute horrid teams I have, if we pull one of the historical cuts its mine right?!?!?


  10. Actually, Justin, I would say you have a pretty good chance of getting something. It seems like Yamon Figurs haunts my breaks like an unwanted dead relative's ghost.

  11. I will repeat now that you mentioned Yamon Figurs.....due to the absolutely horrid teams I have if we pull a non-sport cut auto, etc. I get it right???


    I had a dream that all the hits of this box were Ravens and Saints but consisted of: Yamon Figurs/Troy Smith/Robert Meachem/Deuce McAllister/Kyle Boller/Devery Henderson

    It was a nightmare....