Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HIGH-END BREAK - Box Has Been Ordered

For those of you involved in the National Treasures break, the box has been ordered. I wanted to do overnight shipping so we could do this as soon as possible, but blowout wanted 50 bucks. So instead of breaking tomorrow, we will be breaking on Friday evening.

Also,I wanted to order this box from DA Cardworld because of their support for the JDRF, but pricing was an issue for this as my calculations didnt factor in the extra money. Im sorry to them.

Video will be posted on YouTube, scans of the hits will be posted here.

Also, since there has been suggestions of doing another break, please let me know what box you would like to do. Here are some suggestions:

2007 Exquisite Football - $25 for 2 random teams
2007 Exquisite Baseball RC Edition - $10 per 2 random teams
2007 Leaf Limited Half Case - $62 per 2 random teams

If you want to break something else, post it below. Thanks!


  1. I know this blog is more centered on Football & Baseball... but what about UD The Cup Hockey?

  2. I actually love the Cup, as the cards look great. I know the legends, Patrick Kane, Carey Price and Jonathan Toews, but thats it. If people are good, im good.

    However, it is really expensive still.

  3. I'm for the Half case! More chances at cards for everybody. If no that then the 2007 Exquisite Football

  4. I like the limited half case too, but it makes things kind of expensive.

    Maybe we can try and get 32 slots and half the price.

    Either way, this wont go down until I get done with the NT break. Maybe next week we can start.

  5. I'd be in for some Exquisite football. Although, if I'm understanding it right, doesn't this mean that there's a chance that you won't get anything if your teams aren't pulled? I'm just curious.

  6. Yes, this is true. But as with this NT break, I am going to try my best to send something to all involved.

  7. Big fan of your blog.

    This may be a stupid question but how exactly does this work?

    I pay whatever the amount is for 2 teams and then the teams are randomly assigned? Then, any players pulled that are on "my" teams, I get shipped to me?

  8. Paul, you are thinking correctly.

    So, lets say you get assigned the Vikings and the Packers through the randomizer. Then, from the box we pull an Adrian Peterson card and a Brett Favre card. You would get both shipped to you because you "own" those teams and the players are pictured in those team's uniforms.

    If we dont pull anything from the teams you were assigned, thats the breaks, but I will try to get something for everyone - although it wont be from national treasures (I only have one NT card in my collection and that Maroney aint goin' nowhere).

  9. Cool...sounds fun...I might have to get in on it next time around. Thanks!

  10. If we do Exquisite Football, I will pay for 4 spots. I have never broken that stuff and just want a card from it. I say we even raffle the box. I would find some kind of use for it. As sad as that is.

  11. I'm in for $10 on exquisite baseball

  12. i might join the exquisite baseball as well.

  13. I would be in on The Cup as well on the off chance that we get some more hockey people on board.

  14. Okay, that sounds fair enough :)

  15. My wife will have my ass if I keep spending money on the possibility of getting a card, maybe nothing at all.

    But she couldn't complain too much about $10, could she?

    I'll sit out the hockey. I could name about 5 skaters off the top of my head.