Monday, August 4, 2008

The Hopeful Death Of The Idiot Bomb Message Boards And Possibly The World

I just went to the new Beckett site, sponsored by DLP of all people, and all I have to say is:


Okay, okay, I think Im done....



The site is fucking awful, the navigation and new IBMB suck, and they have instituted my faovrite idea in the history of ideas - PAY TO TRADE!!!

Yes, Beckett is now requiring you to pay for "points" to be able to complete public trades on the site. As if making you pay ridiculous amounts of money for magazines and online price guides that dont reflect the hobby in any way, shape, or form wasnt enough, you now have to shell out more money to trade on the site. Good luck with that one, douchebags.

If anyone has any question that Beckett should be sent out into the barren wasteland a la Total Recall, please say so.

The celebration of the end begins now!


  1. Yeah, it's pretty bad, especially considering that they delayed the launch a few times. It is sad to see a once respected company become so completely incompetent. This horrible new web site will likely help more people to see how irrelevant they are...

  2. Dude, I could not be happier that the idiots at Beckett have decided that this new site is better than the old one. I really hope people from here sign up and comment all over their stupid articles and crap like that. What fucking idiots!

    At least the IBMB will be gone and I will no longer have to put up with stupid Joe Collectors at every turn.

    Long live SCU!!!

  3. wow.
    I thought the previous site had horrible navigation issues...
    this is just rank.


    'nuff said

  5. I will say that there is something about it that makes me sad. I love to research things for days, even weeks, before I buy it. I liked to go to the message boards because these tards were so fast to scan in what they pulled, which makes it super easy for me to see what people are getting. now it's impossible. shit.

  6. I hereby dub that site FAIL!!JO!!!!!!!!1

    sorry this was accidentally deleted - reposted.)

  7. I only use the site for research purposes and they have completely fucked it up for me. I can't find anything.

  8. Amen, White Sox. I've been looking for alternatives to Beckett for researching cards, but haven't found anything satisfactory. Now Beckett isn't satisfactory either.

    If you know of another site to research player sets, I'd love to hear it.

  9. I'm with Matt..... It's a great place to "research" what might be worth buying. and I get a good laugh out of some of the idiots!

  10. Hey DP,
    That site is fucked dude! If you can find any of the threads everyone has bailed ot SCF. We overwhelmed them. ther is one htread at SCF up to liek 60 pages casued by the migration...Later-wheeler281

  11. I cannot believe what these morons have done to the beckett site. Talk about a load of garbage...course their site was garbage to begin with LOL! Joe Collector is probably up at night now crying his eyes out while his mommy is making him a PBJ sandwich. His eyes gazing upon a $50.00 ($2.00 on TWGM) Carlos Lee game used jersey sliver card wondering, "why won't no one trade me for this awesome card!" Then he suddenly screams in terror telling his mother that he can't watch his favorite TV Show in the history of mankind...."The Box Busters". A steady stream of tears forms in the corner of his eyes while he ever so tightly clutches tighter on to his Tracy doll which is serially numbered 23/49 which makes it a one of one because he's 23 yrs old and he won't ever get laid till he's 49.


  12. everyone hates that new Beckett site is migrating elsewhere.

    I really like this site:

  13. Other than providing screen caps on their blog, did they invite collector's to be part of a beta or some kind of UAT?

    I don't know of anyone getting one of these invites, but I'm not a big card blogger either.