Monday, August 4, 2008

First Look: 2008 Leaf Limited Football

Here it is, my favorite mid-level product of last year. First off, the pictures are no disappointment, I love that the team trademarks are no longer unscannable ghost images and that the lettermen have a cool design. The auto patches look pretty great, lets hope the stickers are a little lower.

Here is the problem. Limited is switching BACK to a packed out box, which sucks, because that makes everything THAT much more difficult to get. On the other hand, it does allow for base rookies and more chances at getting sweet stuff with more hits per box.

Ill be saving up for this beast after absolute.

NOTE: There was also a preview for Topps Letterman Football but it was so bad that I wont even dignify it with a response. Just imagine letters with sticker autos. Yes you heard me right.

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