Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Look: 2008 Leaf Rookies And Stars

Again DLP comes through with a design win. The cards from the sell sheet look great and they look to be continuing everything about this set that most people liked last year. Man, those statistical standout autos will be nice. Either way, DLP is one of the only companies to use helmet pieces, and this is the set to get them. I would say at 60-70 bucks a box, this is a pretty fun rip. I might keep an eye out for things with the way the prelims are looking.


  1. This looks like every other Donruss set they put out this century. I'm not saying that's a *bad* thing, it just looks like... Donruss.

  2. Dayf, you are 100% correct. I like donruss, so I think this product looks nice. Thats just my DLP boner speaking though.