Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Comment On Trading By Book Value

As if the never ending stream of idiocy is growing into a river, I have to post another comment on trading by book value. I have had three trades in the past week fall through because some fuckface isnt happy according to a price he found in Beckett. So, let me reinterate my points for the fourth fucking time(click on each word).

First off, the line, "People trade by sell value only when its convenient for them and they trade by book value when its obvious they are getting the better end of the deal," is complete fucking bullshit. If you allow yourself to fall for a scam like the one described in this line, you deserve to be scammed. Who takes it in the butt like this on a regular basis?

Listen people, and listen closely. Trading is simple - I want your card, you want mine. If you want my card as much as I want yours, we trade. Why is money always factored into it? If I ever create a forum, I will outlaw trading by book value. If you trade by book value you will automatically trade by my book value, which is the last completed auction. You wont even get the benefit of an average, only because you are an idiot.

Secondly, the line "ebay is too volatile of a pricing agent to determine a long term value" is also complete fucking bullshit. Ebay prices fluxuate, yes, but its never a huge enough swing to matter. Again, see the reason for trading above, 10 fucking dollars shouldn’t make a difference. A card that sells for 135 one day and 150 the next is still around the same value. Why does it fucking matter to you? No, wait, we will go to Beckett that updates their hat drawn prices once every fucking two months and we will go by that. If you want to make money, go buy stocks and bonds you assclown.

Lastly, if you are trading by book value because you trade in cards that are so invaluable that they don’t make it on to ebay that often, why should you even care what they are worth. Just trade 1 card for 1 card or 2 cards for 2 cards. Is it going to make you or break you if you lose a dollar in the trade? Fuck no, the stamps to send the shit cost more.

Again, if you trade by Beckett prices I am already two shakes of a lamb's tail away from not returning your PM. Ass.


  1. I'd like to start getting into trading. What is one great place to do that online? I don't really have time to browse a ton of sites, so I have to narrow it down. Any site you trust more than the rest?