Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Shouldnt Need to Happen

NFL players are basically the thugs of the sports world. Now, the NFL is getting on top of that, in almost comic fashion.

Personally, I wont collect a player if he is a douchebag off the field. I think Adam "Im a life stealer" Jones should be permanantly barred from playing again after his bullshit at a strip club. I surely wont collect Travis Henry, Cedric Benson or Brandon Marshall. I find it pretty disgusting that people continually get behind these guys considering they are some of the worst people on the planet. They have all the money in the world, yet they spend their time doing drugs and being premadonnas and gangbangers instead of focusing on the game. Seriously, im actually pretty glad that the NFL is the "no fun league" mainly because of what the players are capable of.

Its pretty sad that the Vikings are famous for the love boat scandal, and luckily, I never had a single Culpepper card that I had to throw away or sell after that. Fred Smoot was an asshole to start, so it didnt matter for him.

People like Cris Carter and other guys who are true role models are few and far between. All Day may be a top competitor on the field, but that doesnt mean he isnt a class act off the gridiron. He spends a lot of time in the community and is known for being a true all around good guy. Thank god.

Hopefully you guys dont waste your time on awful people, that would truly be a JC moment not worth forgiving.


  1. Hold on. Cris Carter? Not to get all technical but while with the Eagles he would have qualified on the list of all the guys you would swear to never collect.

    Cris Carter is proof that people can change their life and should be given a chance to do that. Adam Jones perhaps will change ala Cris Carter.

    At least be consistent. You can't hold up Cris Carter as a stand-up guiy if you don't also recognize what he was before he turned his life around.

  2. Thats a good point. Lets hope you are right. Thanks.

  3. No problem. Obviously as a pastor i believe that change and redemption are possible. There are many cases of people who changed their lives.

    Cris Carter is one, and Josh Hamilton is another.

    Too many people have the PFT mindset of

    "Once a turd always a turd"

  4. Someone posted a blog entry somewhere on OJ Simpson collectibles, I think that situation makes your point so much easier.

    There are still collectors for his cards and autos out there. Why, I have no idea. Before the Nicole incident I had several OJ cards, he was a HOFer, and I was into old Football. After the trial, I got rid of everything related to him, I think I may have just given it away.

    I have the same issue with Chris Benoit, and it even hurts me more, since I was a HUGE Benoit fan (yes, I've been into wrestling for a long time), and I'm sure I still have Benoit figures and cards - but they're in storage so I don't think about them. But when I find them again, I'll probably get rid of them.

    Sports personalities don't have to be good human beings, and many of them aren't. BUT personally, I'm with you guys, I'm not going to collect cards of assholes.