Monday, July 21, 2008

Tales From TWGM 5: Tommy Gunn?

From time to time, I like to peruse the high price listings of the card section of TWGM just so I can find comedic hobby gold. I warn you, stupidity is to follow. I dont even think the guys who sell this stuff are Coe Jollectors because they seem to be even dumberererer than that. Either way, I bring you...

*cue ominous music*


First, we have a delightful AND informative auction where you can have 40,000 baseball cards for $1,000,000. THATS ONLY 25 bucks a card!!! Wow!! You know what's great? You can have 120,000 cards for 3,000,000 bucks, as this auction is up 3 times!! If you use eBay's 10% off coupon, it could bring it down to 900,000 per lot, but yeah, who wants to give up the bragging rights of dropping a mil on some cards? Nice.

Second up we have the oft auctioned Braun Superfractor out of 05 chrome. For 13 grand, you would think that this card should be a little bit more of an investment than a "fun purchase." Man, too bad it isnt graded, that would make it worth at least eleventy billion dollars if it was a 10. I would say that this card is pretty special, but it takes a certain kind of guy to buy something at this price., maybe Olbermann? Nah, not a Yankees player.

Lastly, I am moving SCU and winning this auction. The new site will be at Brian's Baseball Cards or Since this domain costs 10K, I will need some help in purchasing - Will and Charlie will each chip in $3,333.33 and everything will go great. Best part about winning this? Multiple email addresses come with it! Be sure to email me at from now on.


  1. Hey. If I'm kickin in $3,300 bucks, how come you get the coolest email address??

    I also love that the guy with the 40,000 cards gives us absolutely no description of the cards whatsoever, and includes the worlds tiniest picture with the listing.

    The amount and level of stupidity in the world astounds me on a daily basis......although by now, I guess it shouldn't

  2. Obviously $1 mil is ridiculous, but look at all those cards! That could keep me occupied for months.

    As for the Braun, I love it how these guys guarantee free shipping. No shit? You're sure it isn't $12,503.50$ That would be the deal breaker for me. I wouldn't pay anything over $3 for a single card.

    Also this idiot has the balls to say he won't sell to anyone with less than 10 positive feedbacks. As if he would just delete that $12,000 offer if someone only had 8 positives. What a fuckin' toolbag.

  3. This is the wonder of the .25 summer special for set listing prices.

    You get people putting obscene amounts on cards because it doesn't change their "insertion fee"