Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Train Wreck Posted On Beckett


This time we get to see roman helmet lover Tracy Hackler open two boxes of Donruss Americana II. Commence with Bash Beckett Day II (BBD II).

Again, no one cares that they do this except for a select number of rightous people, and the hobby's number one authority on douchebaggery lives to see another day.

Funny enough, it seems like they werent sent any UD Football Heroes to open. Im crossing my fingers on this. Maybe UD has finally wised up. If this is the case, I might consider lifting the ban until I see that Beckett is getting boxes again. Then the ban is back in full force.

DLP, you suck for continuing this horrible practice.

Anyone want to call what they will get in their 08 Topps Football boxes? I say AT LEAST one Rookie Premiere autograph. AT LEAST.


  1. I just threw up on myself. I mean WTF REALLY? What is that guy on the right? Why does he exist? Everything about that guy I want to punch. Stupid ass look on his face. The way he talks. Painful. And I'm not really up on Beckett, and don't plan on being that way, but I assume the guy on the left is the one you talk about hating. And I can easily see it. Why does he know all this sh*t about people who I have never heard of?

    And seriously, how can I get my hands on a box that has hit after hit. I would never want a box of Americana, ever. But can I get an NFL box with these hits? Do I have to intercept the Beckett mailman to steal their box?

    I wish I was blind and deaf after that.

  2. matt you do realize that every pack in Americana has a hit right? just making sure. I busted a couple of pack for the fun of it and got a couple of great cards. Now mind you I don't watch the Beckett breaks so I can't comment on the idiots on the screen but the product is fun stuff.

  3. Tracy H. in DallasJuly 17, 2008 at 3:57 PM

    So young and so angry. This has to be the most uncensored sports card blog on the planet.

  4. Sure I realize they have hits in everypack. But Beckett usually busts nothing but consistant great hits from one box. Seems like a scheme. And I love that this blog is uncensored. It's awesome.

    And dont get me wrong, I'm knocking Americana. I personally just dont like it. I was just knocking the type of hits these guys get. And how retarded they look and act. I guess I'm just a Beckett hater too.