Monday, July 14, 2008

Donruss Turns Sweetness into Splenda

Dear Donruss,

What the hell were you thinking when you decided to use the Walter Payton phone cards as the source material for your cuts from both NT and Classics? If Payton autos were rare or ungodly expensive, I could understand why you would use these awful things. But, since Payton spent most of his retired career signing autographs and because there is no shortage of his stuff available, I must deplore the idea of using these over regular cut index cards or photos.

The problem with the phone cards is pretty simple. They are overly colorful and Payton signed them with a blue marker. So, if you had the card as a piece by itself, it would be a somewhat acceptable payton auto for someone who cant afford the more expensive stuff. But, to include that card inside of another card is sensory overload. It looks awful.

As a loyal DLP supporter, I was continually disappointed with these cards and I may have even dropped some cheese on one if they were nice. In the future, I hope you guys can actually get some nice stuff to cut up, because these phone cards dont "cut" it (horrible pun intended).

Besides, who wants a fucking signed phone card anyways? If I did I could buy one for 50 bucks rather than pay 250+ for one that has been cut up and put in a card.




  1. I must say, "Amen!"

    -your secret admirer

  2. Next time you leave a comment that says, "your secret admirer" make sure that you dont subscribe via feedblitz. I get a confirmation with your address. So, I know who you are, Mr Beckett Blogger.

  3. Great post, that's the worst looking card I have ever seen. It cracks me up to see people trying to sell this monstrosity for over a grand, when you can get one of the 25,000 phone card auto for a little over $100.

  4. Great post - that signature hardly stands out ... it ruins a good looking card.