Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1 Feeling of Regret Per Box - ON AVERAGE!

If there has been a problem worth fixing over the last few years, its missing hits in a sealed box. It has happened with every single goddamned product, over every single goddamned brand. Its understandable that no one can be perfect, but for the companies to cite their "on average" tag line when called on a mistake, is beyond crazy.

I have received numerous emails from people who have said that they had purchased a product and had not gotten the advertised hits. When they call into customer service to report the mistake, the agents on the other end of the phone are always not surprised to hear about the mishap, and almost without fail mention the "on average" language on the box. Most of the time, there is some sort of compensation given, but it is never a new box of product. That is what needs to happen when a company does not give the customer the advertised product. No replacement packs, no replacement hits, no random cards. GIVE THEM A NEW FUCKING BOX.

In the day and age where video breaks are practically assumed, there is now insurmountable proof that these people are not getting what they deserve. Can you imagine if there was an "on average" disclaimer on a car? How about an ipod? "3 GB 'on average!' Come get your new music machine!!" Its ridiculous to think that crap like this exists.

I would think that if the manufacturers were held responsible for their mistakes, debacles like 2007 SPA football cases and 2007 allen and ginter cases wouldn’t happen. Both of these products had major collation problems that led to a bunch of unhappy people not getting what they were supposed to get. I think those people deserve what they were advertised, regardless of the "on average" bullshit.

Its time to call for accountability in our products. Mistakes are assumed, solutions should be demanded. Manufacturers, you know who you are.


  1. I think that a new box would be fair for someone who got screwed. But, how are these companies supposed to know who really got a bad box and who just wants a new box for free?

    Even on video. For example, couldn't someone buy a few boxes of Chrome and open packs until they got the 2 autos. Then repack the box with 1 auto and rewrap it? Then just open it on youtube and piss and moan about their missing auto?

    I know it would be a pain, but if it can be done some asshole is going to do it.

    I'm sure there is a way to determine fraud, I just can't think of it. And, I don't know how people can just be taken at their word.

  2. I bought a single pack today just because, and MAN are these UGLY cards. Plus they're prone to mis-cutting.

    Crap, utter crap.

  3. I just opened two blaster boxes of this product but I got my 1/box memorabilia card. But one of them was a Hollywood Memorabilia which I see you show in an earlier pot. I agree, who wants this stuff in a box of baseball cards? I sure don't.