Friday, June 13, 2008

Whoever Bought This Needs To Reevaluate Their Priorities In Life

Selvin Young SP Authentic Auto Auction

This brings a few things to mind:

  1. Jersey number serial cards taking a premium is beyond fucking ridiculous. Only stupid people and God know why a card numbered to a player's jersey number is worth more than the regular numbered card.
  2. Selvin Young is not the starter on the Denver Broncos as of yet
  3. Prospecting only works when you buy low
  4. People in general are stupid fucking idiots.


  1. For two hundred bucks I can get eight cans of formula or five cases of diapers, and I'd still get a better value than one 2008 trading card, even if it's autographed by some guy who's NEVER played a down in the NFL.

  2. That is fucking stupid. I would value that card at about 30 bucks tops. Hell it's numbered to 399! Do they really think he'll be worth Peterson money? I could put anyone in that zone block defense and get 1100 yards. Was Olandis Gary's RC ever worth more than a buck? I have a Tatum Bell RC auto they can have for 5 bucks and i'll be knocking down 400% profit off what I paid. I think the value of Terrell Davis rookies shows that the world believes even the best talent may be suspect after it leaves Denver.