Saturday, June 14, 2008

UD Makes Premier a Premiere Set

Per case, you will get at least 1 auto of one of these guys:

Adrian Peterson
Barry Sanders
Ben Roethlisberger
Brett Favre
Dan Marino
Jerry Rice
Eli Manning
Jim Brown
Joe Montana
Joe Namath
John Elway
Ladainian Tomlinson
Peyton Manning
Terry Bradshaw
Tom Brady
Tony Romo

Well, thats pretty good, not great, but good. Some of the guys on the list shouldnt be there, but its a good list like the Basketball one.

The good thing is that they are also including 4 autos of this list of guys per case:

Matt Ryan
Darren McFadden
Chad Henne
Rashard Mendenhall
Brian Brohm
Felix Jones
Joe Flacco
Jonathan Stewart

That is huge. HUGE. For a premium product and a long list of guys at the RC premiere, this is a great way to fix it. This means that for 5/10 boxes for a case, you will pull a pretty good auto. But, that still leaves 5 boxes that are going to probably be total crap. Who knows though, we could have another product like UD Black Basketball where the cases are fucking loaded.

Either way, its a good start to a premium product season.

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