Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tales From TWGM 2: Judgment Day

Listen, I already posted on how people use eBay as their own personal collection showcase, but it gets a little nuts when most people wouldnt want the cards. For me, I love to go through the high listed auctions on TWGM because 75% are fucking laugh factories. Here are my lowlights for this edition of Tales from TWGM.

Ever wanted a 1/1 Joe Namath base card from some weird UD set? Yeah, me either, but this guy seems to think he has struck collecting gold. I guess he expects people to want this 1/1 over that 52 Mantle, or even that Toyota Camry they wanted, but I dont think its going to happen.

This auction is twice as good as the first, mainly because the card offered is really nothing special at all. My favorite part? He put a reserve on the card because he wanted to make sure he got what he wanted. Obviously a people would buy this over the Pristine 10 Jordan RC offered right below this, I know I have my credit card company on stand by.


As for this dufus, its not the auction per se, but what is being offered. Let me ask you a question, in all seriousness, if you have this card - arguably one of the most valuable cards ever - WHY WOULD YOU HAVE IT GRADED? As if a $10,000 dollar card would get MORE valuable with a grade on it. Give me a fucking break, you dumb Joe Collector. This borders on grading a printing plate, or a logo patch 1/1. What is the fucking point? Jesus.


  1. I see he's added a Best Offer on the Namath. I'm thinking of offering him a fiver.

  2. My favorite part of that last auction was how he tries to make #6 of 23 total as being a special number. "6 is the number he wears in international play". What kind of crap is that?

    What's next? "You have to get #8 of 100 because that's the number kid he is in the family, 8th child and he was born in 1988!"

  3. I think I've got a copy of the Magic/Jordan card in a commons box...Damn I need to find it and sell it fast while the market is hot!!