Monday, June 2, 2008

Poll Results Discussion w/ Contest

After a long time, the poll about the axing of products is over. Ill make sure to shorten it next time so we dont have it sitting there for a long ass time.

Anyways, I agree mostly with what people selected. SAGE, as a brand, should be axed along with Press Poop - so I am not surprised that the overpriced and overhyped DECADEnce was the top vote getter. I hate printing plates in general, but to have a set based around print plates from fucking gross SAGE sets is fucking ludicrious at that price. Who cares if you pull a Reggie Bush, it aint going to look pretty, and it aint going to be worth shit.

I was suprised that Playoff NFL Playoffs set didnt get more votes, I think its a set that is pretty worthless. You get a bunch of cards that you will never need, and all you want is that bonus pack where you can try to make up the $70 cost of the box. Chances are, you wont.

As for Topps CoSigners, I was shocked that more people didnt vote for it. For 120 bucks you got three autos on two cards, one of which was guaranteed to be David Clowney, XCVIILX. It is a set built on awful parallels and I really hoped it would go away (it will be back for sure). Who thinks of plaid and says, "That is a great name for a parallel!" I guess thats what you get when you parallel the shit out of all your products.

Bowman Sterling was the one product I would support keeping if they lowered the price and took out three fourths of the players they featured. Jesus, with this set you get barely nothing for what you pay. I can only imagine what this shit fest will be like with 40 players at the RC Premiere.

New poll will be up soon, dont forget to vote.

Secondly, a little contest for everyone. Post your answer for the next poll and the percentage you think it will get. For the person who guesses the most popular answer and is closest to the percentage, they will win this Steve Smith 2 color patch card numbered to 50. If you are a baseball guy, ill find something comparable to give you. Your answer must be posted by Wednesday of this week at midnight. After that, you will not be eligible. Tell your buddies.